Shark IQ Robot User Manual

Shark IQ Robot


Shark IQ Robot

IQ Robot

Please be sure to read the enclosed Shark® Owner’s Guide prior to using your robot.


Remove all plastic films before use. Robot may take up to 15 seconds to turn on. Robot will say “Hello, let’s get cleaning” when ready to use.

Press switch to I to turn on power
Press switch to I to turn on power.


Place the base in an open, central location, with its back against the wall. Connect the cord to the port on the back. Plug the cord into an outlet, and the indicator light on the base will turn green.



Place the robot two feet away from the base, then press the Dock button on the robot.

Evacuation of debris from the robot into the Self-Empty Base will occur after robot docks successfully.

Docked and Charging: Battery and Base indicator lights will turn blue.

Charging is complete: BATTERY on the robot will illuminate steadily in blue.


Scan the QR code, or search for Shark Clean in the app store and download the app to your device. See other side for pairing instructions.


To send your robot into action without using the app, simply press the Clean button.


For assistance, visit us online at or contact us at 800-798-7398

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STEP-1: Create An Account

  • Launch Shark Clean app on your device.
  • Create your account by entering your email address and choosing a password.
Create An  Account

STEP-2: Activate Robot Wi-Fi

With the robot powered on, press and hold the Dock and Clean buttons simultaneously until the Wi-Fi indicator light starts blinking.

iOS users go to Step 3. Android users skip to Step 4.

Activate  Robot Wi-Fi

STEP-3: iOS Only Select Robot

Exit the app and open Wi-Fi settings. Select your robot (Shark_RVXXX) from the drop-down menu. Exit settings and return to the Shark Clean app.

iOS Only Select Robot

STEP-4: Connect To Home Wi-Fi

  • Select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • Note: your network must be 2.4 GHz to work with the app.
Connect To  Home Wi-Fi

STEP-5: Ready To Clean!

  • When pairing is complete, the Success screen will appear.
  • The Wi-Fi icon on the robot will turn a steady blue.
Ready To  Clean!

To set up voice control using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, visit for instructions. For additional help, visit:

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Shark Duoclean Vacuum Clean Manual

Shark Duoclean Vacuum Clean


Shark Duoclean Vacuum Clean

Shark Duoclean
Vacuum Clean

Please be sure to read the enclosed Shark instructions prior to using your vacuum Cleaner


Use this Quick Start Guide to start using your new vacuum’s great features.
Register your vacuum at


Empty dust cup after each use

Empty dust cup after each use

Access brushroll and Soft Roller

  1. Use a coin to unlock the 3 locks on the bottom of the floor nozzle, a portion of the base is removable to allow for better access to the brush roll and exposure to the airway. Shine a torch from the bottom to check for possible blockage in the airway.
  2. Clear away any objects or debris
  3. To reassemble, replace base by lining it up along the front of the nozzle. Push down to snap into place. Lock the 3 locks.
Lock the 3 locks

Wash filters to keep the suction strong.

Rinse filters and allow to air-dry completely. Tap loose dirt from foam filters as needed between washes.

See enclosed instructions for complete details on removing and cleaning filters.

Brushroll Maintenance

Carefully remove any debris that may be impeding the brushroll.

Soft Roller Maintenance

Lift out the Soft Roller by pulling the tab on the right side. Clear away any debris, then slide the Soft Roller back into place.

Soft Roller Maintenance

Checking the Nozzle for Blockages

Tilt neck of nozzle back to straighten the airway, then remove any blockages.

Checking the Nozzle


A. Handle
B. Hose
C. Vacuum Pod
D. Wand
E. DuoClean® Floor Nozzle
F. Duster Crevice Tool
G. Upholstery Tool
H. Pet Power Brush (certain models only)
I. Under Appliance Wand (certain models only)
J. Car Detail Kit (certain models only)


  1. Insert wand into floor nozzle.
  2. Insert handle into wand.
  3. Place pod onto wand. Slide down to connect.
  4. Press hose into back of pod.

The top flap of your box shows the select accessories that are included with your model. For complete instructions, see the enclosed instruction booklet. For additional parts and accessories, visit


Place your foot gently on the floor nozzle and tilt the handle back. Choose floor type and press power button.


Hard Floor: The brushrolls spin slowly to pick up fine dust and large debris on hard floors.
Carpet: The brushrolls spin faster to pick up debris on and below the surface of your carpets.


Press Lift-Away Release button to lift pod off wand to clean hard-to-reach places.


NOTE: See below for wand and handle release instructions.


Wand Release
Attach desired

NOTE: For best performance, use Hard Floor Setting I for all above-floor accessories.

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Shark NV42 Vacuum Cleaner Manual

Shark NV42 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV42 Vacuum Cleaner Manual

This manual covers model number:
NV42 26
Voltage: 120V.
Watts: 1200W
Amps: 10A
Hertz: 60Hz

Thank you for purchasing the Shark® Navigator® Deluxe Upright Vacuum.




This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way. Do not force into the outlet or try to modify the plug to fit.




1. Unplug from electrical outlet when not in use and before servicing.
2. DO NOT use vacuum with a damaged cord or plug.
3. DO NOT pull or carry vacuum by the cord.
4. DO NOT unplug by pulling on cord; to unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord.
5. DO NOT handle plug or vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
6. DO NOT run the vacuum over the power cord.
7. DO NOT close a door on the cord.
8. DO NOT pull cord around sharp corners.
9. DO NOT leave appliance when plugged in.
10. Keep power cord away from heated surfaces.
11. Turn off all controls before plugging or unplugging vacuum cleaner.
12. Always turn off this appliance before connecting or disconnecting the motorized nozzle.

13. DO NOT use if air flow is restricted; if the air paths, the hose or the extension tube become blocked, turn the vacuum cleaner off. Remove all obstructions before you turn on the unit again.
14. Keep the end of the hose, wands and other openings away from face and body.
15. Keep rotating brush and suction openings away from hair, face, fifingers, uncovered feet or loose clothing.
16. Only use manufacturer’s recommended attachments.


17. Use only as described in this manual.
18. DO NOT put any objects into openings.
19. Keep your work area well lit.
20. Keep the vacuum moving over the carpet surface at all times to avoid damaging the carpet fifibers.
21. DO NOT place vacuum on unstable surfaces such as chairs or tables.
22. DO NOT allow young children to operate the vacuum or use as a toy.
23. DO NOT use vacuum with a damaged cord or plug. If appliance is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, return it to EURO-PRO Operating LLC for examination, repair, or adjustment

24. Before turning on the vacuum:
• Make sure that dust cup, cyclonic chamber and all fifilters are in place after routine maintenance.
• Make sure that all components and filters are thoroughly dry after routine cleaning.
• Only use filters and accessories provided by EURO-PRO Operating LLC [Failure to do so will void the warranty].

25. DO NOT run the vacuum over large-sized objects.
26. DO NOT pick up hard or sharp objects such as glass, nails, screws or coins that could damage the vacuum cleaner.
27. DO NOT pick up smoking or burning objects such as hot coals, cigarette butts or matches.
28. DO NOT pick up flammable or combustible materials such as lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene or use in areas where they may be present.
29. DO NOT pick up toxic solutions such as chlorine bleach, ammonia or drain cleaner.
30. DO NOT use in an enclosed space where vapors are present from paint, paint thinner, moth-proofifing substances, flammable dust or other explosive or toxic materials.
31. DO NOT vacuum up any liquids.
32. DO NOT immerse vacuum cleaner in water or other liquids.
33. DO NOT use outdoors or on wet surfaces; use only on dry surfaces.
34. Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Along with your upright unit, you will find the following components:
a Vacuum Body
b Motorized Floor Brush
c Handle Assembly
d Super Stretch Hose
e Cleaning Wand
f Pet Hair Power Brush
g Cleaning Attachments
h 24” Crevice Tool

Navigator Upright

Your Shark® Navigator Upright is easy to assemble:
1 Lay your vacuum body on a level surface.
2 Slide the electrical connection from the motorized flfloor brush into the main body to click into place.
3 Connect the hose from the main body to the motorized flfloor brush; push with a slight turning motion to create a snug fit.

Navigator Upright is easy to assemble

4 Slide the handle assembly into the upright unit aligning the hose hook on the handle assembly with the power cord hooks on the back of the unit.
5 Secure the handle assembly in place with included nut/bolt (shipped attached to handle assembly).
6 Place the vacuum in the upright position.
7 Store the Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush and Cleaning Wand on the unit.

Super Stretch Hose

8 Attach the Super Stretch Hose:
a) Snap hose into swivel connector
b) Route under anti-tip hook
c) Route over upper hose holder
d) Press securely onto cleaning wand

To prevent vacuum from tipping, secure hose under the anti-tip hose hook.

9 When storing your vacuum, wind cord around the two cord holders and secure with cord clip:
• Quick Cord release at the top of the unit – place in the upright position.
• Second holder near the base – turn until it is pointing down.
To release the cord, turn the Quick Cord release to the left or right.

For suction to reach the Motorized Floor Brush, the Cleaning Wand and Super Stretch Hose must be attached securely on the vacuum body.

carry the vacuum

10 To carry the vacuum:
With the unit in the standing position, lift by the Dust Cup Assembly Handle (carry handle).

CAUTION: When lifting or carrying, DO NOT press Dust Cup Assembly release button.

Using the Vacuum

Using the Vacuum

Your Shark® Navigator Upright Vacuum is a versatile tool that can be used to clean bare flfloor surfaces or carpets – with the click of a switch.
Stand the vacuum into the upright position.
Plug in the vacuum.
1 Start with the Power Switch in the “O Off” position.
2 Place your foot on the motorized flfloor brush and pull handle towards you.
3 Set the Power Switch to desired cleaning setting.

When cleaning bare floors

4 When cleaning bare floors:
Select the “I On” position for suction only cleaning to avoid scattering dirt while cleaning.

When cleaning carpets:
Ensure you have pulled the handle towards you and select the “II Brush Roll On” position to agitate the carpet fibers for deeper cleaning performance.

5 Due to the huge suction power of this vacuum, it may become necessary to adjust the suction release on the hose. If the vacuum is difficult to push or pull or if it is lifting up area rugs, adjust the suction release by opening or closing the valve at the top end of the hose.

To protect your carpets, the Brush Roll will only turn on when you have pulled the handle back towards you and released the Motorized Floor Brush.

Your Brush Roll Indicator Light will illuminate solid green when brush roll is on, or solid red if there is a blockage. This feature is designed to protect your Lifetime Belt that powers your Brush Roll. See Checking for Blockages on page 11.

NOTE: The height of your Motorized Floor Brush has been optimized for easy pushing and superior cleaning on all flfloor types, so there is no need to make any height adjustments as you transition to different flfloor & carpet types.

Cleaning with the Vacuum Accessories

Cleaning with the Vacuum Accessories

Before cleaning with your accessories:
Stand vacuum into upright position.
Secure Super Stretch Hose in the anti-tip hose hook to prevent tipping.
Select the “I On” position for suction only cleaning.
DO NOT pull vacuum cleaner around by the hose.
DO NOT overextend the hose.

Vacuum Accessories

Vacuum Accessories
Your vacuum comes with a Super Stretch Hose and Cleaning Wand. Use one or the other to attach your cleaning accessories.
1 Using the Super Stretch Hose:
Stand the v
acuum into upright position.
Remove the hose from the Cleaning Wand.
Push the selected tool into the hose connector.

2 Using the Cleaning Wand:
Stand the v
acuum into upright position.
Remove the Cleaning
Wand (with hose attached) from the unit.
Push the selected tool into the end of the Cleaning Wand.
3 Pet Hair Power Brush
4 Dusting Brush
5 Crevice Tool
6 24” Crevice Tool
To order additional parts and accessories,
go to or call

Emptying the Dust Cup Assembly
For best results empty the Dust Cup Assembly after each use; empty several times during prolonged usage.
Or empty the Dust Cup Assembly when it reaches the MAX fill line; NEVER OVER-FILL THE DUST CUP.
Stand vacuum into upright position.
Turn vacuum off.

Unplug the vacuum; failure to do so might result in electric shock.

For proper care, consult the table to the right for the maintenance schedule of your Cyclonic Chamber and Filters.
Lock vacuum into upright position.
Turn vacuum off.
Remove Dust Cup Assembly.

Turn vacuum off

Insert Dust Cup Assembly

Allergy Sufferers

To empty the Dust Cup Assembly:
1 Grip carry handle and press the Dust Cup release button to remove Dust Cup Assembly
2 Option A: for Quick Empty:
Insert Dust Cup Assembly deep inside trash receptacle to contain dust and debris.

Press the Dust Cup Door release button; tap container gently to dislodge and release dust and debris.

Snap door in place.
Important: If the Dust Cup Door does not swing open after pressing the release button, push the door open using the bottom door tabs.

3 Option B: For Allergy Sufferers:
Wrap a trash bag around the Dust Cup Assembly leaving space at the bottom for the door to swing open.

Locate the Dust Cup Door release button within the trash bag and press to release as you shake the dust cup to empty dust and debris.
Snap the bottom door in place.

Note: Option B can also be performed outside of the home to further minimize releasing dust back into the air. Carry just the Dust Cup Assembly and trash bag outside.

Note: Some dust and debris may remain in the top of your dust cup assembly on or near the metal screen. It is not
necessary to completely remove this material before continuing to vacuum; Shark® advanced cyclonic action will sweep the metal screen clean once you begin to refill your dust cup.

Proper Care of Your Shark® Upright Vacuum

Proper Care of Your Shark

DO NOT operate the vacuum without ALL the filters in place.
DO NOT operate the vacuum with WET filters.

IMPORTANT: Loss of Suction may occur if foam filters are not cleaned every month. Rinse and allow to air dry completely. Tap loose dirt from foam filters as needed in between washing. Foam filters may appear dirty after use – this is normal.

To clean the pre-motor filters

To clean the pre-motor filters:
1. Remove the dust cup.
2. Pull the filter frame with the pre-motor filters out from the top of the motor base.
3. Remove the filters from the filter frame and tap the loose dirt from the foam filters in between washing as needed.
4. Rinse the filters thoroughly in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. DO NOT put the filters in the washing machine or dishwasher.

NOTE: The material in the filters will discolor over time. This is NORMAL and will not affect the performance of the filters.
5. Squeeze out excess water and let air-dry for at least 24 hours before replacing. Do not use a hair dryer or other heating methods to dry.
6. Place the felt filter in first, then the foam filter.
7. Replace the dust cup.

To clean the post-motor filter

To clean the post-motor filter:
1 Remove the filter cover from the front of the vacuum by pulling up on the tab and pulling the cover away from the vacuum.
2 Take out the filter by pulling it straight out.
3 Turn the filter over so that the dirty side is on the bottom and vigorously tap it clean against a garbage can to remove any dust.
4 Wash the filter under the tap using lukewarm water with the dirty side face down until the water runs clear. DO NOT put the filter in the washing machine or dishwasher.

NOTE: The material in the filter will discolor over time. This is NORMAL and will not affect the performance of the filter.
5. Allow the filter to air dry for 24 hours. Do not use a hair dryer or other heating methods to dry.
6. Once the filter is dry, replace it back into the vacuum.
7. Replace the cover by inserting the two tabs into the holes at the bottom and then swinging the cover up until it clicks into place.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock, the power cord must be disconnected before performing maintenance/troubleshooting checks.

1. Vacuum is not picking up dirt:
Check filters to see if they need cleaning. Follow instructions for rinsing and drying the filters before re-inserting back into the vacuum. (See “Maintenance” sections for instructions.)
Dust cup may be full; empty dust cup.
Check hose and hose connections for blockages; clear blockages if required.
If dust cup is empty, and attachment inlets are clear, check for other blockages. (See “Checking for Blockages” for instructions.)

2. Vacuum lifts scatter rugs (lightweight, movable rugs).
Suction is powerful. Take care when vacuuming scatter-type rugs or rugs with delicately sewn edges. Open the suction release on the hose to decrease suction power.

3.Airflow is restricted. No suction or light suction.
Check filters to see if they need cleaning. Follow instructions for rinsing and drying the filters before re-inserting back into the vacuum. (See “Maintenance” sections for instructions.)
Dust cup may be full; empty dust cup.
Check hose, hose connections, nozzles and accessories for blockages; clear blockages if required.
Close the suction release on the hose to increase suction power.
If dust cup is empty, and attachment inlets are clear, check for other blockages. (See “Checking for Blockages” for instructions.)

4. Motorized floor brush has become jammed or has shut off.
Immediately turn off and unplug vacuum, disconnect the nozzle and remove blockage before reconnecting and turning vacuum back on. (See “Checking for Blockages” for instructions.)

5. Vacuum turns off on its own.
This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motor protective thermostat. If for some reason your vacuum overheats, the thermostat will automatically turn the unit off. Should this occur, perform the following steps to restart the motor thermostat:
1. Move the On/Off switch to the “O” (Off) position.
2. Unplug the vacuum.
3. Empty the dust cup and clean filters. (See “Maintenance” sections for instructions.)
4. Check for blockages in hose, accessories and inlet openings. (See “Checking for Blockages” for instructions.)
5. Allow the unit to cool for a minimum of 45 minutes.
6. Plug in the vacuum.
7. Turn the On/Off switch to the “I” (On) position to restart the vacuum.
Note: If vacuum still does not start, contact Customer Service at:

Checking for Blockages
Blockages may cause your vacuum to overheat and shut down. If so, clear the blockages, then follow the instructions for Resetting the
Motor Thermostat on page 12.
WARNING: Never insert sharp objects into any opening to clear an obstruction.
IMPORTANT: Damages caused while clearing or attempting to clear blockages are not covered under your product’s limited warranty.
Unplug the vacuum before checking for blockages.


Reassemble all parts securely before operating vacuum.

Checking for Blockages

1 Dust Cup Air Duct:
Stand v
acuum into upright
Remove Dust Cup
Assembly and empty Dust Cup if necessary.
Disconnect the Super Stretch Hose.
Air Duct behind Dust Cup for clogs; clear before replacing Dust Cup Assembly.
2 Intake Opening behind the Brush Roll:
Lay the v
acuum flflat to expose Brush Roll.
Check opening behind the Brush Roll for clogs.
Clear the opening.
Clear the Brush Roll;
use scissors to carefully cut away threads, hair or other debris that might be trapped in the bristles.

Motorized Floor Brush Hose

3 Motorized Floor Brush Hose Connector:
Lay vacuum flflat.
Remove Nozzle Hose and check for clogs.
Push the Hose Connector back onto the Motorized Floor Brush.
4 Hose:
Stand vacuum upright.
Remove hose from both the unit and Cleaning Wand ends.
Inspect both ends and the length of the hose for clogs.
Return the hose to the unit

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