iTime Wearfit 2 Smart Bracelet User Manual

iTIME Smart Bracelet 1. Compatible OS and requirements Android 4.4 and above IOS 8.5 and above Support Bluetooth 4.0 and above 2. Preparation Please charge the smart band for 2-2.5 hours before turning on the smart band first time. Battery will be shon on the screen while charging . Please charge the smart band once […]

iTime Y9T Smartwatch User Manual

iTime Wearfit 2 Smart Bracelet HOW TO WEAR and Maintenance Assemble the watch band: align the main body with the square hole of the watch band, then insert it forcefully until the watch band is absolutely assembled with the main body Dismantle the wat ch band: hold the main body of bracelet and the watch […]

iTime Temperature Detection Smartwatch TB1-T User Manual

Smart Intelligent Temperature Detection Bracelet 1,Adapt platform requirements: 2,Before using Please make sure the bracelet has enough power for the first time, if the power cannot be started, please charge the bracelet first. 3, “Lefun Health”APP download Scan the QR code to download Search “Lefun Health” app from App store or Android market 4,Match the […]