iTIME Smart Bracelet

1. Compatible OS and requirements
  1. Android 4.4 and above
  2. IOS 8.5 and above
  3. Support Bluetooth 4.0 and above
2. Preparation

Please charge the smart band for 2-2.5 hours before turning on the smart band first time. Battery will be shon on the screen while charging .

Please charge the smart band once every three months if the smart band is idle.

3. Connnection Instruction

Mobile APP download Method
Method 1: Scan the QR code above to download.
Method 2: Search “Wearfit-2.0” In Android store or APP store to download and install.

4. Functionalities

Time mode: Body temperature, Displaying remaining battery, date and time, sleep time, steps (Date and time could bot be set on the smart band. Date and time will be synchronized after connecting to the device) press and hold to change the interface.

Pedometer: Automatically record step on daily basis.



Calories: Automatically record calories consumption on dally basis.


Distance: Automatically record walking distance on dally basis.



Heart rate measurement: measure heart rate hourly, or measure heart rate manually.
Press and hold to enter into heart rate measurement interface.


Blood pressure measurement: measure blood pressure hourly, or measure blood pressure manually. Press and hold to enter into blood pressure measurement interface.


Blood oxygen measurement: measure blood oxygen hourly, or measure blood oxygen manually. Press and hold to enter into blood oxygen measurement interface .


More: Timer (Press and hold to enter or exit, press to start or pause), find my phone (press and hold to find, press to stop), press and hold to turn off, back (press and hold to return to time interface), QR code (scan the code to download the APP)

Other: hand up to wake up screen, sedentary reminder, do not disturb mode, shake to take photo, hourly measurement, WeChat sport, Apple health, match language automatically.


Cant find the smart or establish connection?

Android system:
1. Please make sure the Bluetooth is turned on, and the Bluetooth sing is not on the smart band (The smart band is connected if there is Bluetooth sign). Put the smart band and the device side by side, try to search and connect. The connection can be established on Android 4.4 and above.

2. Still unable to connect, enter Setting- Application

Management- Authorization Management- Application access authorization, find Wearfit 2.0 allow all the access enter into Setting again to turn on GPS location service, restart the phone, try to connect again.

IOS System:

Please make sure the Bluetooth is turned on, and the Bluetooth sing is not on the smart band (The smart band is connected if there is Bluetooth sign Please forget the device first). Go to Setting-Bluetooth-Forget this device  after that the APP will be able to detect smart band.

After binding the smart band, it shown not connected or the remainig battery is 0%? The Smart band and the device is not connected successfully, plase bind the devices again.

No data shown on APP?
Pull down to refresh the main page, the data will be synchronized and shown on the APP. Automatic data synchronization will only be done on the fist time connection establishment. Afterword, the data will be synchronized automatically hourly. Besides turn on the hourly measurement. Th eAPP read the hourly data (Steps, heat rate) from the smart band. There will not be data if the hourly measurement is off.

6. Specification

Screen size: 1.4  Inch
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Waterproof Level: IP67
Battery Type: Ploymer Battery
Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours
Wrist band size: 251mm’ 18mm’ 2.5mm
Charging Method: Micro USB
Packing: Smart Band+Instruction

7. Remark
  1. If there is any problen with the quality of the product or the use of the product, please contact the store directly, we will deal with it quickly.
  2. The measurement results of this product are for reference only and are not Intended for any medical use or basis. Please follow the doctor’s Instructions and most not self-diagnose and treat according to the measurement results.
  3. The product waterproof, not for diving and a long time in the water. In addition, this product does not prevent hot water, because water vapor will affect the ring.
  4. The company reserves the right to modify this manual without prior notice. Some functions are different In the corresponding software versions which is normal.
  5. This product contains a polymer battery. Do not place this product in a high temperature environment for a ling time. Do not place this Product in an open frame.


iTime Wearfit 2 Smart Bracelet User Manual – Optimized PDF
iTime Wearfit 2 Smart Bracelet User Manual – Original PDF

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  1. Just received my Wearfit 2.0 Smart Bracelet. I’m trying to charge it with the USB charger but am not getting any indication that it is connected. The charging battery symbol is not being displayed.

  2. I have tried them all, but I can’t connect the bracelet device to the bluetooth, can you help me? My Cell. 3355891622. Leonardo Urso via panzera 6 72013 Ceglie Messapica. Thank you
    Le ho provate tutte, ma non riesco a collegare il dispositivo bracelet al bluetooth, potete aiutarmi? Il mio Cell. 3355891622. Leonardo Urso via panzera 6 72013 Ceglie Messapica. Grazie

  3. I can’t get the watch to connect with the App – I’ve requested the code repeatedly but haven’t received one. Please help.

  4. I can not get the device to connect with my phone. It shows the bluetooth link on the device but when I try to connect the bracelet it will not. I have done everything I know how to do. I need help. Thanks

  5. Have set up the watch. It works excep when my phone rings or I go into contacts on the watch it says not connected but everything else is connected. Please advise how to get it to talk to my phone

  6. Can I change the clock to German? If yes, where?
    Kann ich die Uhr auf deutsch umstellen? Wenn ja – wo?

  7. How do you get it to synchronise with contacts. I can’t see it anywhere in the software.

  8. My watch is not displaying time ,its goes blank ,just shows different language, im English language

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