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Insignia Systems, Inc. is an electronics brand owned and operating under Best Buy. Insignia “believes electronics should be dependable, affordable and easy to use.” Insignia products are designed and tested to meet high standards of quality and functionality. Each product is built to last and designed with the user in mind. The result is exceptional quality at a very reasonable price. Their official website is

A directory of user manuals, instructions, guides, and datasheets for Insignia devices can be found below. Insignia is a registered trademark of Insignia Systems, Inc.

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7308 Aspen Ln N Ste 153 Minneapolis, MN, 55428-1027 United States
(763) 392-6200
$19.50 million
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 1990  1990

INSIGNIA NS-AF5MSS2 Mechanical Control Air Fryer User Guide

Discover the Insignia NS-AF5MSS2 Mechanical Control Air Fryer. With a 5-quart capacity and user-friendly mechanical control system, it offers a healthier alternative to deep frying. This high-quality fryer is designed for durability and space-saving convenience. Follow the comprehensive instructions for easy cooking and enjoy reliable performance.

INSIGNIA NS-SONIC20 Sonic Portable Speaker User Guide

Discover the NS-SONIC20 Sonic Portable Speaker, a compact and lightweight speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, TWS capability, and built-in microphone. Enjoy high-quality audio playback and hands-free calling. Learn how to charge, connect audio devices, and pair speakers for stereo sound. User manual and instructions available.

INSIGNIA NS-PAH5101 PC Headset User Guide

Discover the versatile NS-PAH5101 PC Headset and its product variants. This user manual provides instructions for easy connectivity to computers and laptops, featuring speaker output (GREEN) and mic input (PINK) ports. Unbox, connect, adjust volume, and refer to the troubleshooting section if needed. Enhance your audio experience effortlessly with this Insignia headset.

INSIGNIA NS-CLOPP2 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio User Guide

Discover the NS-CLOPP2 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio by Insignia. This user manual offers detailed instructions on setup, operation, and optimization. Follow important safety instructions and explore the features of this high-quality clock radio for reliable performance.