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Shanghai Imilab Technology Co., Ltd milabs Xiaobai utilizes deep learning and artificial intelligence technology to include functions such as water filtration, temperature control, and security system, providing comfort, convenience, and safety for users in their household. Their official website is

A directory of user manuals and instructions for IMILAB products can be found below. IMILAB products are patented and trademarked under the brand’s Shanghai Imilab Technology Co., Ltd

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Phone: 00924235792031

imilab IPC031 Solar Panel for Camera User Manual

Learn how to use the IMILAB IPC031 Solar Panel for Camera with this comprehensive user manual. Discover important features, installation instructions, and operating procedures for optimal performance. Keep your solar panel clean and in direct sunlight for maximum energy transformation. Get the best experience and avoid unnecessary damage by reading this user guide carefully.

imilab C20 Pro Home Security Camera User Manual

Learn how to install and use the IMILAB C20 Pro Home Security Camera with this user manual. Get step-by-step instructions for mounting the camera on a wall, turning it on, and adjusting its position. Find out more about the product features, including its microSD slot and indicator light. Perfect for anyone who owns an IMILAB C20 or C20 Pro camera (2APA9-IPC036A or 2APA9IPC036A).

imilab Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Discover the high-end IMILAB Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, equipped with high-accuracy radar and various sensors for intelligent planning cleaning. This user manual provides detailed instructions on how to use the product, including information on its automatic cleaning and charging features, ultra-strong suction power, and efficient cleaning modes. Download the Near App to remotely control the vacuum cleaner and check the cleaning map in real-time. Keep your home clean effortlessly with the IMILAB Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

imilab W11L Smart Watch User Manual

Discover how to wear and use the IMILAB W11L smartwatch with this user manual. Learn how to pair it with your mobile device and access its functions, such as the heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, and pedometer. Ensure accurate readings by correctly wearing it on your wrist.