Digital Temple Thermometer

Digital Temple Thermometer KD-2201

Manufactured by: K-Jump Health Co., Ltd Made in China

Digital Temple Thermometer
Model KD-2201
SIZE AAA 1.5V x 2 (included)

PURCHASE (excluding batteries)
Important Things to Know………………….2
Parts Identification …………………………..4
Preparation for Use ………………………….4
How to Operate the Thermometer ……..6
Memory Mode …………………………………8
Cleaning and Care …………………………10
Troubleshooting ……………………………..11
Specifications ………………………………..12
Limited Warranty ……………………………13
FCC Statement ……………………………..14

Read instruction manual before using the thermometer

Quick Start

  1. Install batteries into the thermometer. Make sure the polarity is correct.
  2. Press and release the POWER button. Unit will beep once. Wait until it beeps again twice and only °F shows in the display.
  3. Place and hold the thermometer probe firmly to the skin at the temple area and wait several seconds for the device to beep once more.
  4. Read the temperature on the display.
Temperature on the display

Important Things to Know

  1. Use the thermometer to measure your temple temperature only, the area between the outer corner of the eye and the hairline, right over the temporal artery.
  2. Do not place the thermometer on scarred tissue, open sores or abrasions.
  3. Using drug therapies may raise forehead temperature, which may lead to incorrect measurements.
  4. Do not dismantle the unit except to replace the batteries.
  5. Children should not use the ther- mometer without adult supervision.
  6. Do not drop or expose thermometer to electric shock as this may adversely affect its performance.
  7. The thermometer is not water proof. Do not immerse in water or liquid of any kind.
  8. To ensure correct readings, wait at least 2 minutes between continuous measurements for the thermometer to return to room temperature.
  9. Do not use the thermometer when flammable materials are present.
  10. Stop using if thermometer operates abnormally or if malfunctions appear.
  11. Clean the thermometer probe after each measurement.
  12. Do not take a measurement if the temple area has just been exposed to direct sunlight, fireplace heat or air conditioner flow as this may lead to incorrect readings.
  13. If thermometer has been kept or stored in a cold temperature, wait at least 1 hour for it to return to normal room temperature before taking a measurement.
  14. Performance of the device may be degraded if it is operated or stored outside the stated temperature and humidity range or if the patient’s temperature is below the ambient (room) temperature.
  15. Body temperature, like blood pressure, varies from person to person. During the day it can range from 95.9 to 100.0°F (35.5 to 37.8°C). For some people there can be a difference between their temple and body temperature. We recommend learning your normal temple temperature while healthy so you can detect an elevated one when you are sick. For accuracy, be sure and measure the same area of the temple each time.
  16. Avoid taking a measurement for at least 30 minutes after physical exercise, bathing or eating.
  17. Make sure the temporal area is dry and clean of sweat, make-up, etc.
  18. The device is intended for Consumer use only.
  19. Calibration is recommended every two years.

Parts Identification

Parts Identification

What are normal temperature values?

Human body temperature varies from person to person and a person’s body temperature can fluctuate throughout the day. Therefore, it is very important to know your normal body temperature range. Thus we recommend measuring yourself when healthy to establish reference temperatures which will help you feel more confident of the measured temperature when ill.

Preparation for Use

Installing / Replacing the Batteries

  1. Pull the battery cover off in the direction shown.
  2. Prior to installing new batteries you must clean the metal contact ends of the batteries as well as the metal springs and contacts in the battery compartment.
  3. Install 2 new AAA batteries into the battery compartment being careful to match the correct polarities.
  4. Replace the battery cover securely.


  1. Do not dispose of batteries in trash.
  2. Recycle or manage used batteries as hazardous waste.
  3. Never dispose of batteries in fire.
  4. Dispose of used batteries in recycling trash only.
  5. Do not recharge, put in backwards or disassemble. This may cause explosion, leakage and injury.


  1. Replace with 2 new batteries at the same time.
  2. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon- zinc) and rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries and use at the same time.Always use ‘like’ batteries.

How to Operate the thermometer

1.Press the POWER button to turn on the unit. A beep sound follows.

 turn on

2. The last memory is displayed.

Last memory

3. You will hear 2 beeps and then the measuring scale as shown in Figure 4

measuring scale

4. Place the thermometer on the temple. It will beep one time to indicate measurement completion.

5. If the temperature reading is over 99.5°F (37.5°C), eight consecutive beeps will be heard (fever alarm) indicating an elevated temperature

6. Once the measurement is done, you will hear 2 beeps indicating the reading has been recorded and it is ready to take the next reading. However, we do not recommend consecutive measurements.


7. Turn off the unit by pressing the POWER button, or the unit will automatically turn off after 1 minute of inactivity.

Turn off

Switching between Fahrenheit and Centigrade Scale:
You can switch between °F or °C by pressing and holding the POWER button again within 3 seconds after turning on the device. The display will show CH with an °F or °C

pressing and holding

Memory Mode

Recalling Memory
Deleting Memories

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care

Trouble Shooting

 Trouble Shooting







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