MPOW Iron BH336A Gaming Headset Windows Drivers

Windows Driver: Download: mpow_Iron_driver_en_of_win_7_8_8.1_10 [7z] Download the file, extract using Pea-zip or another file extraction tool Run the appropriate setup.exe file, depending on your version of windows Plug in the headphones Mpow Install Logos:

MPOW BH456A Bluetooth Adapter Drivers [For Realtek Bluetooth Devices]

Windows Driver Install Installation: Download the driver, unzip and run setup.exe Driver: mpow_MPBH456AB_driver+for+Windows7_8.1_10 [windows only] * Realtek Bluetooth 8761B Driver package RTBlueR_Windows_1015.1016.1016.0528.2020_2.00.263_F027_B Version: 1015.1016.1016.200528 Driver Version (1)RtkA2dp: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (2)RtkAvrcp: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (3)RtkBtfilter: Win7: 1.3.1016.1002\4002 Win8.1: 1.6.1016.1001\4002 Win8.1: 1.6.1015.3012\2012 (4)bthvirtual: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (5)RtkHfp: Win7:\1 Win8.1:\3 (6)RtkAvrcpCtrlr: Win7: […]