Nextiva Connect: How to Check Voicemail

Nextiva Connect is a fully hosted forwarding service that provides one local or toll-free number, an Auto Attendant, and call forwarding options to a third-party device (i.e. a cellular phone). Retrieve voicemail from a cellular or landline phone, the Nextiva Connect Portal, or email (requires Voicemail to Email setup). For information on setting up Voicemail to Email on a Nextiva Connect account, click here.

NOTE: Nextiva Connect accounts differ from Nextiva Voice and NextOS accounts. For instructions on how to check voicemail for other types of voice accounts click here.

Checking Voicemail via a Phone:

  1. Dial the number for the voicemail box where the desired message to retrieve was left.
  2. When the voicemail greeting begins to play, dial **.
  3. Enter the voicemail passcode followed by #. The default passcode is 0000.
  4. Press 1 to listen to new messages.

Checking Voicemail via Nextiva Connect Portal:

  1. Visit and click Client Login to log in to the Nextiva Connect Portal.
  2. Navigate to Sites > Employees.
  3. Click the blue Login link to the right of the employee that has voicemail to retrieve.
  4. Under the Your Phone section on the left, click Voicemail.
  5. Click the Speaker icon to open or save the .wav
  6. Play the message with any compatible audio player.

NOTE: Ensure pop-up blockers are disabled. If the icon fails to download, try using another compatible browser.

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