essl logoeSSL SAFE 301 Security Safe Lock

eSSL SAFE 301 Security Safe Lock

Instruction Manual

  1. Security alerts Make it installed before the use of safe Please modify personal codes and master codes Don’t put mechanical emergency key in the safe
  2.  Main feature
    • Usage: deposit laptop and other valuables
    • Operation: Micro-motor engine,with code operation
    • Manage: open&close with 3-6 digit personal codes or (and) 6 digit master codes. Safety: wrongly input code by 3 times, hold on 15 minutes.
  3. Open and close with code
    • close by personal code Input any 3 ~6 digit code then press the “#” key, “CLOSED” display , the safe is closed.
    • open by personal code Input your 3~6 digit code then “OPENED” display, the safe is opened.
    • open by master code Input Master code (factory Master code is ”000000”) , “OPENED” display , the safe is opened.
  4. Change master code <1> Modify master code Make sure that the safe is opened , and the operation is as follows Press “*” twice quickly ,show “PROG”,enter the original master password (factory master code is”000000”), show “NEU” , input 6 new master password, show “AGAIN”, input the new master password, show ”DONE” , the master code is changed.
  5. Set the time of safe box Press “*” twice quickly ,show “PROG”, enter “895100”, show the first 6 digit information, do not modify, press “#”, when show the second 6 digit information, means “year, month, day” in turn, enter the local time, press “#”, when show the third 6 digit information, means “hour, minute, second” in turn, enter the local time, press “LOCK”, the time set success.


  1.  Press “*” to cancel when code is wrong.
  2. wrongly input code by 3 times, the safe will be locked for 15 minutes.

Emergency mechanical key:
Turn Mechanical key clockwise, the door is opened , also “OPENED”display, Enter new personal code, press “#”,close the door, take out the key.

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Documents / Resources

eSSL SAFE 301 Security Safe Lock [pdf] User Manual
SAFE 301, Security Safe Lock


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