Hard Head 013989 Safe LockHard-Head-013989-Safe-Lock-PRO


  • Note down the serial number from the label on the box.
  • Store the keys in a safe place.

IMPORTANT: Do not keep the lock combination in the box.


  • Read the abstract


  • External dimensions               35x25x25cm
  • Inside measurement 34,7 x24,7 x 19 cm
  • Volume                16 L
  • Door thickness                            3 mm
  • Wall thickness                           1,5mm
  • Keys                                              2


Mount the safe on a wall or the floor so that it cannot be moved.

  1.  Mark out where the safe is to be placed.
  2.  Drill holes for the screws.
  3.  Mount the safe with expander screws, or the like.
  4.  Check that the safe is correctly positioned and tighten the screws.Hard-Head-013989-Safe-Lock-FIG-1

NOTE: Use screws suitable for the underlying surface. 

Documents / Resources

Hard Head 013989 Safe Lock [pdf] Instruction Manual
013989, Safe Lock

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