Cleveland Clinic Foundation is dedicated to developing safe and smart family healthcare wearables. Our products enjoying promising market outlooks include pulse oximeters, sleep oxygen monitors, blood pressure monitors, portable ECG monitors, etc. Their official website is Wellue.com.

A directory of user manuals and instructions for Wellue products can be found below. Wellue products are patented and trademarked under brands Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

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1600 Utica Ave S Ste 900 St Louis Park, MN, 55416-1465 United States
(612) 715-3303
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Wellue VisualBeat Heart Rate Monitor User Manual

Discover how to use the VisualBeat Heart Rate Monitor with this comprehensive user manual. Learn about safety precautions, device specifications, and troubleshooting tips. Monitor your heart rate during exercise and review data in real-time with the ViHealth app. Safely track your heart rate with the VisualBeat Heart Rate Monitor for general wellness use.

Wellue BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

The BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor user manual provides instructions on using and maintaining the Wellue BP1 (model BP2/BP2A) automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor. Learn about blood pressure measurement, ECG recording, connecting with the app, troubleshooting, and more. Ensure safe and accurate monitoring for precheck screening purposes at home or healthcare facilities.

Wellue Portable Mesh Inhaler User Manual

Learn how to use the Wellue Portable Mesh Inhaler with adjustable intensity and automatic cleaning technology. Follow step-by-step instructions for assembly, charging, and operation. Ensure safe and effective inhalation with dual modes and a removable medicine container. Keep your device clean for optimal performance. Consult your doctor for personalized usage guidelines.

Wellue Remote Linker power your Health User Manual

Learn how to power your health with the Wellue Remote Linker. This user manual provides safety instructions, an overview of the product and what's needed, a diagram of devices connection, and steps for installing the ViHealth app and setting up the Remote Linker (model number not specified). Keep your device dry and away from children. Connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to view real-time monitoring data from the cloud server. Compatible with Apple phones and Android phones.