Hisense LCD Television service LCD32V86 Manual

Hisense LCD Television service LCD32V86 Manual Precautions and notices BEFORE SERVICING THE LCD TV, READ THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IN THIS MANUAL. WHEN REPLACEMENT PARTS ARE REQUIRED, BE SURE TO USE REPLACEMENT PARTS SPECIFIED BY THE MANUFACTURER. Proper service and repair is important to the safe, reliable operation of all Hisense Electric Co., Ltd Equipment. The […]

Hisense H32M2600 32-inch TV User Menual

User Menual Hisense H32M2600 32-inch TV Read the manual carefully and ensure you have fully understood its contents before operating this device for the first time. Important Safety Instructions Important Notice Paragraphs beginning with the symbol indicate important instructions, tips or conditions for the following settings. For your own safety and the optimal performance of […]

Hisense H9 Quantum Series Model # 65H9G Guide

65 inches H9 Quantum Series Hisense Android TV Model 65H9G Quantum Beauty Beyond the Screen Showcasing premium Quantum Dot technology and Hisense’s innovative design, the H9G Quantum proves to be in the elite class of TVs — inside and out. This combination of Quantum Dots and Hisense innovation provides the H9G Quantum with ultra-power to […]

Hisense HWFL1014V Washing Machine User Manual

User Manual Hisense HWFL1014V Washing Machine   SAFETY INFORMATION The manufacturer reserves the right for any modifications on the product which might be deemed necessary or useful without informing about it in this IFU. Before operating your new washing machine, please read this instruction carefully, and keep it for future reference. If you have lost […]

Hisense WR60U/WR80U Series Interactive Digital Board Instruction Manual

Hisense Interactive Digital Board Brilliant touch trigger infinite ideas WR60U/WR80U Series Introduction Hisense Interactive Digital Board works with smooth fast computing and responsive touch capabilities and a variety of sharing methods that providing an immersive multimedia conference experience. It is a revolutionary creation that will replace the traditional whiteboard in the future. WR60U/WR80U Series Organize […]

Hisense Home Appliances Catelogue 2019-2020

Hisense Home Appliances Catelogue 2019-2020   HISENSE MIDDLE EAST FZE Add: Unit 4007. AA1. Mazaya Business Avenue, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE             Tel: (+971)45906900                                                                                                               E-mail: marketingahisense.com                                                                                          Website: https://hisenseme.com Note: Product design and specification subject to change without prior notice. 2017 Hisense Corporation. All rights reserved. Hisense […]