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Model: T7

Headphone Overview

Headphone Overview

Notes on usage and operation:
Power on / off

Toggle the power-on key of Bluetooth to control the power-on / power-off of the headset.

Bluetooth Pairing:

  1. The earphone will automatically enter the pairing mode after starting up.
  2. Start the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, search / add Bluetooth devices, and select ” T7″ among Bluetooth devices that founded( some devices need to enter the password ” 0000″).
  3. Headphones that have been successfully paired will automatically enter the reconnection mode after being turned on, and will automatically connect with the device that was successfully paired last time.

Music Control:
Click the multifunctional key to control the pause/play of music Click the key of volume up to increase the volume, and press and hold to switch to the next song. Click the key of volume down to lower the volume and press and hold to switch to the previous song.

Incoming Call Control
When there is a coming call, click the multifunctional key to answer the call, and click again to hang up the call. You can also tap the right shell of the earphone twice with your finger to answer the incoming call when someone calls in, and tap the right shell of the earphone twice again to hang up the call. When there is a incoming call, you can press and hold the multifunctional key to reject the call.

ANC Active Nolse-cancelIng:
Toggle the ANC active noise-canceling switch, the green indicator light will turn on for a long time and it means that the noise reduction feature will turn on. When the ANC switch is toggled again, the green indicator close down automatically, and it means that the noise reduction feature is turned off.

ANC Shift Switch:
Double-click the ANC shift switch to change the ANC gear position. (Shift between High and Low ) Note: ANC shift feature is only effective both in Bluetooth mode and ANC turned on. The default degree of ANC is high-level.

Intelligent Playback:
Taking off the earphone when playing music,the music being played will automatically pause , and when you put on the earphone again, the music will play automatically.

Line-In Musk Playing:
Use a 3.5mm to Type-C audio cable to connect headphones with mobile phones. computers and other devices to play music. Note: The headset must be turned off when using this feature. ( This product does not give away audio cable, if necessary, please purchase audio cable through Bluedio official store)

Line-out Music Playing
First, connect the headphone No. 1 with the mobile phone via Bluetooth, then turn off ANC feature, and use the 3.5mm to Type-C audio cable to connect the headphone No. 1 with the headphone No. 2 to play music.
Note: ANC must be turned off when using the above feature. Headset No. 2 must support a 3.5 connector. ( This product does not give away audio cable, if necessary, please purchase audio cable through Bluedio official store )

Charge Headset
Turn off the headphones before charging, and use the standard charging cable to charge. When charging, the red indicator will be on all the time. It takes 2 hours for the headphone to be fully charged, and the blue indicator will be on after it is fully charged.

Web services
This product supports web-services. Users can turn to the last page of the manual and scan the QR code with their mobile phones to download APP.

Wake – up web services ( Mobile Phone Installed with APP )
When both the mobile phone and APP are connected to the headset is Bluetooth, double-click the multifunctional key of the headset or tap the right shell of the headset twice to wake-up the feature,and then use the web-services feature and enjoy intelligent services.

Wake - up web services

Product Anti-forgery
Scrape off the anti-forgery sticker coating on the packaging box to obtain the anti-counterfeiting number of the product, then log on to the official website of and type-in the anti-counterfeiting number to check the authenticity of the product.

Consultation and Assistance
Please log on to to inquire about the relevant information and technical support of the product. If necessary, please send an email to [email protected] or call the after-sales hotline 400 – 889 – 0123.

Technical specifications:
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Working Range: up to 10 meters (free space )
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
Support profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Driver Unit: 57mm
Noise-cancellation Sensitivity: -25dB
Impedance: 160
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20KHz
Sound pressure level(SPL): 115dB
Standby Time: about 1000 hours
Music / Talk Time: about 30 Hours
Working time( For Only Running the ANC): about 40 hours
Charging time: about 2 hours
Operating temperature range: – 10 °C – 50 °C
Input Voltage / Current: 5V /> 500mA
Output Power: 50mW*50mW

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  1. Congratulations, great tutorial, it helped me a lot to set up my T7 headphone, I am very lost as to the use of the application, and I also didn´t know how to change music by phone. Thanks!
    Parabéns, otimo tutorial, me ajudou bastante pra configurar meu headfone T7, eu estamo muito perdido quanto ao uso do aplicativo, e tbm n sabia como mudar de musica pelo fone. Valeu mesmo!

  2. I just received my T7 but it seems that the bluetooth is not working, no device finds it. Who knows if it comes with a lock?

    acabei de receber meu T7 mas parece que o bluetooth não ta funcionando, nenhum dispositivo acha ele. Quem sabe se vem com alguma trava?

  3. Once headset goes to standby mode how to wake it up other than sliding the power button ?

  4. The original device I had paired it to I no longer have and so I want to pair it to a different device. How do I put it in pairing mode? When I turn it on it is still paired with old device but how to pair with new device?

  5. ! Chrisko! The website won’t let me directly reply to your question. Hoping you might see this. To put it in pairing mode you
    toggle the power switch from off to on 2x fast. The light will start flashing green and blue.

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