Bluedio BL

Bluetooth audio music Receiver 3.5mm Audio Stereo Cable
Model: Bluedio BL

We appreciate your choice of Bluedio product. Before use, please read this user manual carefully and keep for future reference.

You can find the verification code by scraping the coating off the security label that is affixed to the original packaging. Enter the code on our official website: for purchase verification.

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Instructions :

  1. Plug the USB end of the Bluetooth cable into a computer or charger, and plug the small end into a device with the 3.5mm connector, such as headphones, TV, speaker, etc., then this device can receive Bluetooth signals.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your phone or tablet, search and select “BL” to connect.

Important Safety Information
This product is compatible with most mobile phones and tablets, but it may be incompatible with some laptops or televisions.

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