Scan a document in iOS 11 Notes

Scan a document

You can use the camera to scan documents into Notes, then add markup or signatures.

Scan documents. Tap the Insert button, then choose Scan Documents. When you position iPhone so that the document page appears on the screen, iPhone automatically captures the page. Continue to scan more pages or tap Save when you’re done.

A screen showing a document being scanned. The Take Picture button is at the bottom center.

Tip: To manually capture a page, tap the Take Picture button. Tap Keep Scan to save the page or tap Retake to try again.

Turn the flash on or off. Tap the Show Flash Settings button.

Apply a filter. Tap the Show Filter Settings button, then choose to scan the page as a color, grayscale, or black and white document, or as a photo.

Manually adjust a scan. Before you save a scan, you can tap the thumbnail to show tools to adjust the crop, rotation, or filter of the scan. After you save the scan, you can tap the scanned document in the note to make adjustments or capture more pages.

Mark up a saved scan. Tap the scanned document, tap the Share button, then tap the Markup button. To add your signature, tap the Add Annotation button, then tap Signature.



Use Markup

In apps including Notes, Mail, and iBooks, you can annotate images, notes, PDFs, screenshots, and more with built-in drawing tools. In some apps, you can also add text, speech bubbles and other shapes, and signatures.

Mark it up. Tap the Markup button, then use your finger to draw.

To mark up a screenshot right after you take it, tap the thumbnail that appears for a few moments in the bottom-left corner of the screen. (To share a screenshot after you mark it up, tap the Share button.)

Choose a markup tool. Tap the pencil, marker, or pen tool. Switch to the eraser—or tap the Undo buttonif you make a mistake.

An image of a sofa is annotated in blue handwriting with the question “do you like this?” Drawing tools and the color selector appear at the bottom of the screen. A menu with choices to add text, shapes, and signatures, or use the Magnifier, appears in the lower right corner.

Move your drawings. Tap the Lasso button, drag around one or more drawings to make a selection, lift your finger, then drag your selection to a new location.

View more color choices. Tap the current color to view a color palette. Swipe the palette left or right to see more colors. Or, hold iPhone in landscape orientation.

Zoom in. Pinch open so you can draw the details, then pinch closed to zoom back out. To navigate when you’re zoomed in, drag two fingers.

Add text. Tap the Add Annotation button, then tap Text. Tap the text box, tap Edit, then type your text. To change the font or layout, tap the Shape Attributes button.To move the text box, drag it.

Add your signature. Tap the Add Annotation button, then tap Signature.

Add a shape. Tap the Add Annotation button, then tap a shape. To move the shape, drag it. To resize it, drag any blue dot.

To fill the shape with color or change the line thickness, tap the Shape Attributes button. To adjust the form of a shape that has a green dot, drag the dot. To delete or duplicate a shape, tap it then choose an option.

Magnify a portion of the screen. Tap the Add Annotation button, then tap Magnifier. To change the magnification level, drag the green dot. To change the size of the magnifier, drag the blue dot.

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