Edit Photos and Trim Videos on iPhone iOS 11

You can edit still photos and Live Photos right on iPhone. If your photos are stored in iCloud, your edits are updated across all your devices set up with iCloud, and both your original and edited versions are saved. If you delete a photo, it’s deleted from all your devices and iCloud. Photo app extensions can provide special editing options.

Edit a photo or Live Photo. View the photo full screen, tap Edit, then tap a tool. When you’re finished, tap Done.

  • Auto-enhance the Auto Enhance button improves a photo’s exposure, contrast, saturation, and other qualities.
  • When a photo is taken with flash, use the Remove Red-eye tool the Red Eye button by tapping each eye that needs correcting.
  • To crop the photo, tap the Crop button. Photos suggests an optimal crop, but you can drag the corners of the grid tool to set your own crop. Move the wheel to tilt or straighten the photo; tap Reset to undo these changes. Tap the Rotate button to rotate the photo 90 degrees. Tap the Aspect Ratio button to choose a standard crop ratio, such as 2:3 or Square.
    A photo with crop controls showing. Crop, Filter, and Adjustments buttons are aligned vertically along the left and the Ratio button at the bottom. To the right is the Rotate button at the top. The tilt wheel is adjacent to the left side of the photo, with the Reset option showing. A Done button appears at the top-left corner of the screen and Cancel appears at the bottom-left corner.
  • With photo filters the Filters button, you can apply different effects, such as Vivid, Dramatic, or Silvertone.
  • Tap the Adjustments button to make adjustments to light, color, or black and white. Tap an option, then move the slider to the desired effect. Tap the List button for fine adjustments.

Don’t like the results? Before you save your changes, tap Cancel, then tap Discard Changes. Or tap Done to save changes.

Add a Live Photo effect. Swipe up on a Live Photo and tap an effect. Loop repeats the action in a continuous looping video. Bounce rewinds the action backwards and forward. Long Exposure simulates a DSLR-like long exposure effect by blurring motion.

Make a still photo from a Live Photo. View the Live Photo, tap Edit, then tap the Live button at the top of the screen.

Set a key photo for a Live Photo. View the Live Photo, tap Edit, then drag the square in the frame viewer until you find a still photo you like. Tap Make Key Photo.

Trim or mute a Live Photo. View the Live Photo. Tap Edit, then drag either end of the frame viewer. To mute, tap the Sound button.

A Live Photo screen with the Live Photo in the center and the Sound, Live, and Enhance buttons at the top. Beneath the Live Photo is the frame viewer with the Make Key Photo button active.

Compare the edited version to the original. Tap Edit, then touch and hold the photo to view the original. Release to see your edits.

Revert to original. After you edit a photo and save your changes, you can revert to the original image. Tap the image, tap Edit, then tap Revert.

Mark up a photo. View the photo, tap Edit, tap the More button, then tap Markup. Annotate the photo with the Markup tools (pen, pencil, and marker). Erase your marks with the eraser. (If it’s a Live Photo, Markup turns it into a still image.) See Use Markup.

Add a photo filter. Tap the Filters button, then below the viewer, swipe the filters left or right to preview and choose a filter. You can remove or change filters that were applied in either Camera or Photos.

Photo with filter choices beneath. The Cancel button is in the lower left and the Done button is in the lower right.

Trim a video. Tap Edit, drag either end of the frame viewer, tap Done, then tap Save as New Clip. The new video clip is saved in your Videos album (the original video remains unchanged).

Video with the frame viewer across the bottom. The Cancel button is in the lower left and the Done button is in the lower right.

Set the slow-motion section of a video shot in Slo-mo. Tap Edit, then use the vertical bars beneath the frame viewer. (See Shoot video for information about Slo-mo.)

The control for setting which section of video plays in slow motion

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