episode Terrain Series Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer Instruction Manual

Discover how to install and maximize the performance of your Terrain Series Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer with Episode's Instruction Manual. Learn about the different models, package contents, tools required, and planning considerations for ES-TERRAIN-SYS-4.1, ES-TERRAIN-HSUB-4.1, ES-TERRAIN-SAT-2.0, ES-TERRAIN-HSUB, and ES-TERRAIN-SUB. Perfect for those looking for high-quality outdoor audio systems.

steelseries ARENA 7 Satellite Speakers User Guide

The ARENA 7 Satellite Speakers come with a detailed Product Information Guide to help you set up and customize your gaming audio experience. This guide includes compatibility information, cable and accessory details, and instructions for using the SteelSeries Audio Customization Suite. Learn how to connect your speakers to your PC, PlayStation, or other audio device with optical connection or stereo 3.5 mm. Explore optional connections like Bluetooth or headset audio jack, and enjoy virtual surround sound and EQ settings.