episode, Created out of respect and passion for smart technology, Episode was founded by technology integrators who saw a better way to do things. We first took on the “Episode” name to represent our mission to make lives easier for our Partners and the customers they serve. Since 2005, we’ve been making smart solutions for homes and businesses easy – an “Episode.” Their official website is episode.com.

A directory of user manuals and instructions for episode products can be found below. episode products are patented and trademarked under the brands Quanzhou Gang Dao Trading Co., Ltd.

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Address: 11734 S Election Road Salt Lake City, UT 84020
  • 888-400-4070
  • 866-424-4489

Fax: 801-523-3199

episode MB1 Speaker and Light Installation Guide

Learn how to install and set up the Episode Radiance system with the MB1 Speaker and Light in this comprehensive user manual. Experience exceptional audio and lighting performance with simplified wiring and EQ optimization. Ideal for outdoor installations, use burial-rated wire and at least one 8 Radiance subwoofer for best results. Find complete wiring instructions and power calculations in this guide.

episode Radiance Outdoor Audio and Lighting Installation Guide

Learn how to install the Episode Radiance Outdoor Audio and Lighting system with our comprehensive user manual. The Radiance system includes speakers (8 Radiance subwoofers), lights, and mounts that are easy to assemble. Follow the installation guide to get the optimal audio quality and lighting experience. Caution: Do not install Radiance devices next to sprinklers.

episode EA-RSP-2D-200 Response Series DSP Amplifiers Instruction Manual

The Response Series DSP Amplifiers installation manual features the EA-RSP-2D-200, EA-RSP-8D-100, EA-RSP-12D-100, and EA-RSP-16D-100 models. These compact amplifiers provide reliable and robust audio distribution with DSP volume and mixing capabilities. The manual includes model specifications, features, package contents, and setup instructions.

ESS-FLUSH-IC Series Episode Flush Mount Bracket Installation Guide

This installation guide provides step-by-step instructions for installing the ESS-FLUSH-IC Series Episode Flush Mount Bracket for the ESS-FLUSH-IC-4, ESS-FLUSH-IC-6, and ESS-FLUSH-IC-8 models. Learn how to properly cutout and secure the bracket, install the mud guard, and mount the speaker for optimal performance. Get started today.