salicru SPS NET Uninterruptible DC Power Supply System User Manual
salicru SPS NET Uninterruptible DC Power Supply System


To operate the SPS NET safely, carefully read and follow all of the instructions. Read this manual completely before unpacking, installing or operating the device. Keep this quick guide for future reference.

  • Warning Icon Do not open or disassemble the unit.
  • Do not submerge the battery.
  • Do not throw the battery into the fire or a source of heat.
  • Do not hit, throw, drop or trample on the battery.
  • Do not pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp object.
  • Do not use or leave the battery or device in very hot places (for example, strong direct sunlight or inside a vehicle in extremely hot weather conditions). Otherwise, it may overheat or cause a fire or its performance will degenerate and its service life will be shortened.
  • Recommended room storage conditions: 15°C ~ 35°C, 85% Maximum relative humidity. When a battery is not in use, it should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Never use a damaged battery.
  • Keep the battery away from children.
  • Do not connect the positive or negative terminal directly to metal objects such as cables. Short-circuiting the battery terminals is strictly prohibited. Bear in mind that discharged batteries can cause a fire if their terminals are short-circuited.
  • Battery replacement should only be performed by the battery or device supplier and never by the user.
  • If the battery is leaking and the electrolyte gets into your eyes. Do not dry your eyes but rinse them with clean running water and seek immediate medical attention. Otherwise, eye injury may occur.
  • If the battery gives off an odour, generates heat, becomes discoloured or deformed, or appears abnormal in any way during use, recharging or storage, immediately remove it from the device and do not use it any more.
  • If the battery charge is low, recharge it immediately.


This product has been designed to respect the environment and manufactured according to ISO 14001.

Recycling of the equipment at the end of its useful life:

Our company undertakes to use the services of authorized and regulatory companies to treat the set of products recovered at the end of their useful life (contact your distributor).


For the recycling of the packaging there must be compliance with the legal requirements in force, according to the specific regulations of the country where the equipment is installed.


Batteries pose a serious danger to health and the environment. The disposal of them shall be carried out in accordance with the laws in force.


The following figures show the contents of the package:

    Package Content
  • AC input mains cable
    Package Content
  • Double DC output cable
    Package Content
  • 2 x jack Adaptors
    Package Content
  • Quick-start Guide
  • Guarantee
    Package Content



  1. On/Off button.
  2. LED indicators (see Table 1).
  3. DC output connector.
  4. AC input.


Note Icon Inspect the device before proceeding with the installation. Confirm that no item is damaged.

  • Placement.
    The SPS NET can be used free-standing or hung on the wall using the rear screw slots provided for this purpose, as shown in the figure below:
  • Connecting the device to the mains to charge it.
    Plug the AC mains lead (4) into a main socket. The SPS NET will turn on automatically and the green LED will light. If the battery is not completely charged, the green LED will blink while the SPS NET charges it.
    Warning Icon For best results, charge the battery for at least 4 hours before first use or after no use for more than two months. Otherwise, the reaction of the SPS.NET may be unsatisfactory in the event of a power grid outage during the first hours of work, due to the fact that its response capacity during unforeseen AC grid failures is dependent on accumulated energy in the battery.
  • Connecting the loads.
    Connect the output connector of the SPS NET (3) to the loads. The connected loads will now be protected by the SPS NET.
    Connecting the loads
  • Operation of the On/Off button 1.
    • Starting up the SPS NET when connected to the mains: press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
    • Resetting the SPS NET in fault mode: press the button for 10 seconds and then release it.
    • Turning off the SPS NET in Battery mode: press and hold the button for 6 seconds to turn off the SPS NET and prevent a deep discharge of the battery.
    • Starting up and turning off the SPS NET in online mode:
    • Press and hold the button for 6 seconds to turn off the SPS NET while maintaining the battery charge.
    • Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to start the SPS NET while maintaining the battery charge.
    • Checking the battery capacity: With the equipment powered and off, press the On / Off button for 0.5 seconds, the LEDs will light up to show the battery capacity.
  • LED indicators.
    LED indicators
    The first LED is bi-colour (green and red) and indicates the operating state. The remaining 3 LEDs are green.
Operating state Colour On / Flashing
SPS NET ON with battery completely charged. Green On
SPS NET has detected a fault. Red On

These 4 indicators also indicate the battery charge level during charging and discharge.

Battery capacity

Battery in discharge Charging battery with activated output
0% ~ 25% LED indicators Icon

LED indicators Icon

26% ~ 50%

LED indicators Icon LED indicators Icon
51% ~ 75% LED indicators Icon

LED indicators Icon

76% ~ 90%

LED indicators Icon
76% ~ 100% LED indicators Icon

91% ~ 100%

LED indicators Icon

LED indicators Icon

LED indicators Icon: LED lit.
LED indicators Icon: LED flashing.
Table 1. Meaning of the LEDs

Warning Icon During the charging process, the sequence of LEDs oscillates, because each indicator covers an important range of % charge.


The SPS NET has been designed to provide emergency backup power for any system powered by a DC voltage, such as routers, modems, VoIP telephone systems, surveillance systems, alarms, access controls and critical telecommunications equipment.


Remove the screw and slide off the battery cover, as shown in Fig. A. Remove the old battery and replace it with the new battery pack. Simply insert the battery connector as shown in Fig. B and replace the cover.

Check that the battery terminals have been inserted correctly. Otherwise the SPS NET could be damaged.

The SPS NET should be charged every six months if it is not in use.


Use the following table to resolve minor problems:


Possible causes


Red LED On. Overload or short-circuit on the SPS NET, has switched to fault mode. Press the button during more than 10 seconds and release it to reset the unit.
The battery backup time is much shorter than the rated value. Battery charge too low. Contact your distributor to replace the special battery.
No output and no LED indicators lit. Internal failure. Contact your distributor.


Voltage 90 V AC ~ 264 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz
Efficiency > 81% (Rated load R, battery charged)
Overload protection Yes
Output < 11.7 V for 10 s. in line mode
Battery type Lithium-Ion
Rated voltage 3.7 V DC
Capacity 1.3 Ah (2600 mAh) 3 PCS
7800 mAh
Back-up time > 120 min. @ standard router
Overload voltage 4.5 V DC
Overload recovery voltage 4.2 V DC
Battery undervoltage 3.0 V DC
Efficiency > 75%
No-load consumption <0.8 W
Leakage current when OFF < 10 uA
Cold start function Yes
Voltage 12 V DC ± 5%
Rated power 12 W ( 1 A)
Maximum power 25 W (2.1 A)
Transfer time 0 ms.
Output short-circuit protection Yes (output < 5 V for 3 ms.)
Overload protection Yes
Output < 11.4 V for 10 s. Output < 10.8 V for 0.4 s
Charging method DC – CV

(constant voltage with current limiting)

Charging voltage 4.2 V ± 0.05 V DC
Charging current 1.6 A @ 25 ºC
Typical recharge time 4.5 hours to 90% capacity
ON/ OFF button Connects and disconnects the


Maximum altitude 2400 masl
Relative humidity Up to 90 % non-condensing.
Temperature 0 ~ 40 ºC.
Storage Temp. -15 ºC ~ 60 ºC.
Safety EN62368-1
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EN55032: Class A EN61000-3-2 EN61000-3-3 EN55035
Safety and Environmental Management ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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