PENTAIR 4005702 Connected Salt Level Sensor



MEET YOUR CONNECTED SALT LEVEL SENSOR CONOZCA SU SENSOR DE NIVEL DE SAL VINCULADOPENTAIR-4005702-Connected-Salt-Level-Sensor-1using your Pentair® Connected Salt Level Sensor.

Note: You will need a full bag of softener salt for setup.

  1. Download Pentair Home app. Available in App Store® or Google Play®.
  2. Install included batteries* by sliding and lifting the Battery Cover on the back of the sensor. Mode light will flash blue indicating it is in Bluetooth® wireless technology pairing mode
  3. Follow In-App Instructions.

Note: Use alkaline batteries only. Lithium batteries will damage the unit.

POSITIONING YOUR SENSOR PENTAIR-4005702-Connected-Salt-Level-Sensor-2

Avoid mounting the sensor within 2” of corners or brine well.


  1. Q: I inserted batteries but the Mode Light is not on or is no longer blinking. How do I place my Connected Salt Level Sensor back in Bluetooth® wireless technology pairing mode?
    A: Press the Mode Button and the Mode Light will blink blue.
  2. Q: What do the different Mode Light colors mean?
    A: Blue: Blinking = Bluetooth® wireless technology pairing mode
    • Solid = Bluetooth® wireless technology connected
    • Green: Blinking= WiFi connecting to router
    • Solid = WiFi connected
    • Red = Replace battery
    • Orange = Factory reset

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APP SNAPSHOTPENTAIR-4005702-Connected-Salt-Level-Sensor-3


The Connected Salt Level Sensor is one of several smart products from Pentair that give you command of your home’s water with the Pentair Home app. Access all of your Pentair-connected products from one convenient dashboard.PENTAIR-4005702-Connected-Salt-Level-Sensor-4

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PENTAIR 4005702 Connected Salt Level Sensor [pdf] User Guide
4005702, Connected Salt Level Sensor


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