aseko Levelmeter Pressure Level
Sensor User Manual

aseko Levelmeter Pressure Level Sensor User Manual

Compact hydrostatic levelmeter based on Silicon tenzometric sensor and diagnose electronic in resistant teflon case. Connecting cable contains capillary tube inlet of sampling atmospheric pressure. Front part of the probe is covered by removable cover protecting membrane against mechanical damage. There are no adjustable items on the Levelmeter..

The probe can be hanged to the pool botom, acumulating tank or skimmer by the wiring cable. The wireing cable contains atmospheric pressure sampling tube that should be free of obstructions and opened to the atmosphere by its free end. The levelmeter is suitable for all types of pools. Its standard measuring range is 2 m. According to special needs can be modified up to 100 m. Levelmeter is connectable to ASEKO controller line ASIN AQUA: Home, Oxygen, Salt, Profi, using pool water level regulation output.

Accessories Connection

aseko Levelmeter Pressure Level Sensor - Accessories ConnectionInstalling instructions

aseko Levelmeter Pressure Level Sensor - Pressure Levelmeter #12086

  • Dive the levelmeter to the measured space (pool, skimmer, accumulating tank etc.). Probe will just hang on the wiring cable.
  • It is necessary to use non-hermetic transition box for wiring connection, as the cable contain the sampling atmospheric pressure tube.
  • You must keep the minimum diameter 30 cm when rolling up the excess cable! It is not recommended to shorten or mechanically modify the cable.
  • It is necessary to insert the probe to protection pipe housing, behind any obstacle or as far as possible from the inlet at pools with swirl at the inlet water.

Level sensor – Level Monitoring and Automatic Refilling

Level measurement is performed by the pressure-type level sensor. This allows the very easy installation of the sensor by its inserting into the storage water reservoir or skimmer. Level is monitored at four heights that are easily entered in centimeters of water height.

aseko Levelmeter Pressure Level Sensor - Level sensor


aseko Levelmeter Pressure Level Sensor - Setting

High level ALARM – too much water in overflow tank

After this level is reached, following actions may start:

  1. If the automatic filter washing is enabled, one filter washing cycle starts and drains the waste water.
  2. If the automatic filter washing is not enabled, the relay 19 switches on (filter washing) for the period of time until level is OK. The second circulating pump or automatic drain valve can be connected to this relay.

Refilling OFF – required level
Refilling stops
Refilling ON – level at which refilling starts
Refilling starts after if the water level stay permanently at least for 10 seconds below this value (in order to prevent oscillating)
Low level ALARM
Circulation (filtering) pump shuts off

Protection, safety and compatibility

The flow meter is protected against over-voltage and over-poling of power-supply.

Danger touch protection is arranged by safety low voltage according to CSN 33 2000-4-41

Electromagnetic compatibility correspond to CSN EN 55011/B, CSN EN 61326-1, CSN EN 61000-4-2 (8 kV), -4-3 (10 V/m), -4-4 (2 kV) a -4-6 (10 V).

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aseko Levelmeter Pressure Level Sensor [pdf] User Manual
Levelmeter Pressure Level Sensor

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