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User Manual
This user manual sets out the main features available with the free version of djay Pro AI for iOS. Additional features are available in the paid version of djay Pro AI.
The complete user manual for the app is available here: https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/ (in English only).
The djay Pro AI interface may vary depending on the version of the app being used.


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The djay Pro AI interface lets you access two virtual music decks, a crossfader, transport controls, and a music library browser. DJControl Mix gives you hardware control over two decks.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-2

  1. Track selection button. Tap to access your music library and select a track. Displays the cover artwork for the selected track.
  2. Track name (below) and artist name (above).
  3. Time remaining/elapsed. Tap to toggle between one display and the other.
  4. Dashboard button. Tap to access the user menu and app settings.
  5. Track overview waveform.
  6. Deck playhead.
    HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-3
  7. SYNC button. Tap to sync the BPM values of the two tracks.
  8. Track BPM. Tap to open the BPM/Tempo window.
  9. Mixer button. Tap to display the mixer section and adjust the volume, the gain and the filter, as well as the EQ (low, mid and high frequencies).
  10. Scrolling waveform button. Tap to display the scrolling waveforms for each deck.
  11. Looper/Sampler button. Tap to display the Looper or Sampler panel.
  12. Tempo fader. Slide the fader to increase or decrease the track’s BPM.
  13. Key lock button. Tap to lock the track’s musical key.
  14. Virtual deck.
  15. NM/FX/Loop/Cue/EQ button. Tap to access the panel for effects, loops, HOT CUE points and the equalizer.
  16. Tempo bend +/– button. Tap and hold + or – to temporarily speed up or slow down playback of the track.
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  17.  Play/Pause button.
  18. Cue Set button. Tap to set a CUE point at the current location of the deck playhead.
  19. Cue Jump button. When the track is paused, tap to move the deck playhead to the CUE point. When the track is playing, tap to resume playback from the CUE point. If no CUE point has been set, tap the button to move the deck playhead to the start of the track.
  20. Crossfader. Slide the crossfader to transition between the two tracks. Tap the arrow to the right or to the left of the crossfader to start an automatic transition in the direction of the arrow.


The djay Pro AI app displays the track overview waveform of each track. You can also display a detailed zoom of the waveform that automatically scrolls along with the track, by tapping the scrolling waveform button (10).
The different audio frequencies are represented by way of a color code: red for low frequencies, yellow for low-mid frequencies, green for high-mid frequencies, and blue for high frequencies. A red deck playhead bar shows you where you are in the track. The CUE point (white triangle) and HOT CUE points (different colored triangles) also appear on the two waveforms.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-5
In addition, the scrolling waveform moves forward or backward depending on how you manipulate the track (scratching, moving to the CUE point or a HOT CUE point…).

To increase or reduce the size of the scrolling waveform, tap or . The Waveforms pop-up window appears. Tap the – and + buttons to modify the size of the waveform. To return to the default display, tap Reset.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-6

A 4-beat grid is superimposed on the scrolling waveform. The first beat of a bar (the down beat) is represented by a yellow line. The following beats (intermediate beats) are each represented by a gray line.
Occasionally, the beatgrid will not correspond to the rhythm of the track and will require manual editing.

To correct the beatgrid:

  1. Make sure that djay Pro AI has finished analyzing the track.
  2.  Position the deck playhead at the spot where the first beat of the first bar should be located.
  3. Tap HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-29. The beatgrid editor appears.
  4. In the Downbeat tab, tap Set Grid Start when the deck playhead is at the correct location to move the beatgrid.

To return to the default beatgrid, tap Restore.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-7
Increase the size of the scrolling waveform to see the alignment of the beatgrid on the music more precisely.

BPM and tempo

Adjusting the BPM
Occasionally, the BPM detected by djay Pro AI will not correspond to the track’s actual BPM value. The BPM will then have to be adjusted manually.
To correct a track’s BPM:

  1. Tap Track BPM (8). The BPM/Tempo pop-up window is displayed.
  2. Select the BPM tab.
    1. HALF button: divide the BPM value set by djay Pro AI by two.
      HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-8
    2. DOUBLE button: multiply the BPM value set by djay Pro AI by two.
      TAP button: when the track is playing, tap the TAP button several times to the beat of the track. Next, tap Apply to correct the BPM.
      To return to the BPM set by djay Pro AI, tap Restore.

Tempo sensitivity
You can modify the tempo range and the settings for the tempo fader:

  1. Tap Track BPM (8). The BPM/Tempo pop-up menu appears
    HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-9.
  2. Select the Tempo tab.
    • Select Invert: invert the direction of the tempo fader’s travel.
    • Range ±: select a percentage range the tempo fader controls.

Track synchronization

The djay Pro AI app offers two ways to sync tracks:

  • Tempo sync: only synchronizes tracks’ BPM.
    HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-10
  • Beat sync: synchronizes tracks’ BPM and aligns the beats.
    HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-11

To automatically sync two tracks, make sure that both tracks are playing, then tap the SYNC button (7).

To modify the sync settings:

  1. Access the djay Pro AI settings: tap the Dashboard button (4), then tap Settings and General.
  2. In the Sync mode section, you can modify the sync type and interval:
    • Sync type: choose between tempo synchronization (BPM only) or beat synchronization (BPM and Beats).
    • Beat Sync Interval: choose whether beat synchronization is carried out on one or four beats.

Slip mode
In Slip mode, the deck playhead continues to advance in the background when you apply an effect or a loop, place a CUE point, or when you use the Skip function or the jog wheels. When you stop applying an effect, playback resumes from the point where the track would be if it had kept playing.
To enable Slip mode, tap or in the scrolling waveform display. The Waveforms pop-up menu appears. Toggle the Slip selector to the right.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-12

Slip mode is automatically disabled whenever you load a new track on a deck.


The djay Pro AI app offers four modes that help you liven up your mix. To access the different modes, tap the NM/FX/Loop/Cue/EQ button (15).

To access the effects panel, tap .

FX Pad tab
Seven effects are available: Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Bit Crusher, Gate and Alarm.
Select an effect, then use the pad to apply the effect and modulate it.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-13

Instant tab
16 effects are available: Punch, Reverb, Chop, Flanger 4, Bit Crusher, Twist, Phaser 4, Drift, Absorb, Landing 1, Echo Out +1, Reverb Out, Gate 1/4, Alarm, Hydrant and Rocket.
To apply an effect, tap and hold the name of the effect. The effect stops when you stop holding the name of the effect.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-14

You can modify the effects assigned to each pad on DJControl Mix:

  1. Tap  HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-29. Three dots appear next to the name of each effect.
  2. Tap HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-31 next to the name of the effect that you want to modify.
  3. Select the new effect in the list of effects, then tap Apply.
    The four effects on the top row correspond to the four pads on DJControl Mix.

HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-15

Manual tab
Seven effects are available: Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Bit Crusher, Gate and Alarm.
You can apply up to three effects on the same deck.
Select an effect and enable it with the ON button. Next, adjust the effect’s intensity or duration, and the Wet/Dry level.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-16

To access the loops panel, tapHERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-32 .
Auto tab: manually determine the length of the loopTap IN ① to indicate the start of the loop, then tap OUT ② to indicate the end of the loop. The loop starts playing automatically.
Alternatively, you can select the length of the loop using the arrows (from 1/32nd of a beat to 32 beats), then tap the number representing the length of the loop ③ to apply the loop. The Loop symbol turns blue when the loop is enabled.
In both cases, to disable the loop, tap the number representing the length of the loop ③.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-17

Bounce tab: create loops from 1/16th of a beat to 2 beatsHERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-18

Tap and hold a pad to apply a loop.
Pad tab: apply a loop and a high-pass filter (top of the pad) or low-pass filter (bottom of the pad) at the same time

Tap the left of the pad to apply a 1-beat loop. The farther you move towards the right of the pad, the shorter the loop will be. At the right of the pad, the loop applied will be 1/16th of a beat.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-19

HOT CUE points

To access the HOT CUE panel, tapHERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-33 .
Cue tab: add up to eight HOT CUE points per track
HOT CUE points stay saved on a track, even after you quit djay Pro AI.
To add a HOT CUE point, place the deck playhead at the spot where you want to insert the HOT CUE point, then tap a CUE button (+ symbol).HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-20

To remove a HOT CUE point, tap HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-29, then tap the X corresponding to the HOT CUE point that you want to remove.

Skip tab: move quickly and precisely within a track
You can determine the length of the skip using the single arrows ①, and use the double arrows ② to skip forward or backward within the track.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-22

To access the equalizer panel, tapHERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-34 .
Adjust the filter and the gain, along with the low, mid and high frequencies.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-23


Monitoring on headphones is an important step in a DJ’s mix. This involves listening to a track on your headphones in order to prepare the transition with the track that is currently playing, without your audience noticing anything.
If you want to monitor the track:

  1. Connect the speakers/headphones DJ splitter cable (included with DJControl Mix) to the headphones output on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. In djay Pro AI, tap the Dashboard button, then tap Settings to access the app’s settings.
  3. Enable Split output – Enable split output for pre-cueing with audio adapter.
  4. Connect your headphones to the green output on the speakers/headphones DJ splitter cable, and your speakers to the black output.
  5. When you want to monitor a track, simply push the Monitoring buttonHERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-35 or HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-35 on the DJControl Mix controller corresponding to the track that you want to monitor.

HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-24

*Not included

Only use wired headphones for monitoring.


To access the settings for the djay Pro AI app, tap the Dashboard button (4), then tap Settings.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-25

FAQs and technical support

Do you have questions regarding the djay Pro AI app, or are you encountering technical problems? If so, please visit the Algoriddim technical support website: https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/ (available in English only).

djay Pro AI subscription
Need the advanced features in djay Pro AI for iOS? In the pop-up window that appears when you start up the app, tap Buy Now to start an ongoing subscription to access four decks, DVS, more effects, video mixing, external audio routing, a powerful looper, many more content packs, and so much more.HERCULES-Djay-iOS-DJControl Mix-2-Channel-Controller-26

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