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RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver

Important: Keep this document Prior to operation, it is neccessary to complete all required settings described in this section.

Specifications & wiring

Power Supply: 200 – 240Vac

Power Supply: 200 – 240Vac Class II appliance icon
50-60Hz Pollution degree:  Pollution degree2
Contact Rating: 250 Vac 10(3)A Rated Impulse Voltage: Resistance to
Ambient Temp: 0~45°C voltage surge 2500V; as per EN 60730
Automatic Action: Type 1.C.Q IP Rating: IP20

Internal wiring diagram for RF1A-OT
EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver - fig 1* If mains voltage output is required, terminals L & 2 must be electrically linked.
Important: Do not connect Mains Voltage to OpenTherm® terminals.


The RF1A-OT receiver should be wall mounted in an area within 20 metres distance of the wireless thermostat.
It is important that the receiver is mounted more than 1 metre away from The receiver should also be installed at least 1metre from any electronic devices such as radio, TV, microwave or wireless network adaptor.

  1. Recessed conduit boxes
  2. Surface mounting boxes


Slacken the fastening screw on the bottom of the receiver with a philips screwdriver.
The receiver is hinged and can be opened 180 degrees. Mount the unit as described in section 2. Wire the unit as described in section 1. Close the receiver and tighten the fastening screw.

Button / LED description

EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver - fig 2Wireless connect: Once voltage has been applied this button may be pressed to initialise the pairing process with the wireless thermostat. Once pressed the red and green LED will begin to flash.
Manual override: This button will manually override the system.
LED description:

OT Connection Normal Operation Green LED Red LED
RF1A-OT On ON OFF – will flash when communicating via RF
RF1A-OT Off OFF ON – will flash when communicating via RF
OT Communication Error Green LED Red LED
RF1 A-OT On Constant Flash OFF
RF1A-OT Off Constant Flash ON
RF Communication Error Green LED Red LED
RF1A-OT On ON Constant Flash
RF1A-OT Off OFF Constant Flash
Summary Green LED Red LED
RF Communication Error OFF or ON Constant Flash
OT Communication Error Constant Flash OFF or ON
Normal Operation RF1A On ON OFF or Flashing
Normal Operation RF1A Off OFF ON or Flashing

Resetting the RF1A-OT receiver

Press the EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver - icon 1 RESET button located on the side of the receiver. The RF1A-OT receiver is now reset.

To connect the RFRP-HW-OT thermostat to an RF1A-OT receiver

Please note, If you are installing a CP4-HW-OT, the RFRP-HW-OT thermostat and the RF1A-OT receiver will have a pre-established RF connection so it is not necessary to carry out the RF connection process below.
On the RF1A-OT receiver:
Press the EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver - icon 2 button on the RF1 A-OT receiver.
The red light will begin to flash.
On the RFRP-HW-OT thermostat:
Press the EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver - icon 3 connect button. The thermostat will show”n0E”followed by”—” Once an RF connection has been established the thermostat will show ‘r01′ on the LCD screen. Press the’OK’ button to finish the process. The thermostat is now connected to the RF1A-OT receiver.

To disconnect the RFRP-HW-OT thermostat from an RF1A-OT receiver

This can be done from either the thermostat or the receiver.
7.1 On the RFRP-HW-OT thermostat:
Press the EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver - icon 3 Connect button.
The thermostat will begin to search through the RF channels.
Press and hold the’Copy’ button for 10 seconds.
‘Adr’will appear on the screen of the thermostat.
Press the’OK’ button twice to complete the unpairing process.
The thermostat RFRP-HW-OT is now disconnected from the rec RF1A-OT.
7.2 On the RF1A-OT receiver:
Press the EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver - icon 2 button, the red light will flash. Red & green lights if using as a hub receiver. Press and hold connect for about 10 seconds. The RF connection is now cleared.
Before commencing any work on the electrical connections, you must first disconnect the device from the mains. None of the 230V connections must be live until the installation has been completed and the housing is closed. Only qualified electricians or authorised service staff are permitted to open the terminal box. There are parts that carry mains voltage behind the cover. The terminal box must not be left unsupervised when open. (Prevent non specialists and especially children from gaining access to it.) Ensure that this wireless enabled receiver is installed 1 metre from any metalic object, television, radio or wireless internet transmitter.

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Documents / Resources

EPH CONTROLS RF1A-OT Wireless Receiver [pdf] Instruction Manual
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