iTouch Slim Instruction Manual and Bluetooth Pairing Instructions

App   Pairing Instructions Connect your iTOUCH Slim to your smart phone via Bluetooth by carefully following these instructions: iPhone: Begin by downloading and installing the iTOUCH Wearables app from the App store. Activate Bluetooth on your phone. Go to your Settings menu>>Bluetooth>> and switch Bluetooth on (if not already on). Once you have confirmed […]

iTouch Slim User Manual

iTouch Slim SMARTWATCH iTouch Slim USER GUIDE: Everything you need to know about the iTouch Slim Fitness Tracker. What’s in the box? Your iTouch Slim box includes: iTouch Slim Fitness Tracker (Color and material vary) Clamp Charging Cable Additional Strap The interchangeable straps on the iTOUCH Slim come in a variety of colors and materials. […]