Eldom Rothrist AG is located in Shumen, Bulgaria, and is part of the Electronics and Appliance Stores Industry. ELDOM OOD has 18 employees at this location and generates $791,513 in sales (USD). Their official website is ELDOM.com.

A directory of user manuals and instructions for ELDOM products can be found below. ELDOM products are patented and trademarked under brands Eldom Rothrist AG

Contact Info:

16 RAFAIL POPOV FLOOR 2, Shumen, 9700 Bulgaria
18 Actual
$791,513 Actual

ELDOM WG20 klippy Desk Fan Instruction Manual

The WG20 klippy Desk Fan user manual provides safety instructions and usage guidelines for this multi-lingual desk fan model. Featuring a protective mesh and clip, it's designed for household use and comes with important warnings against using it near water containers or in high humidity conditions. Suitable for children aged 8 and above, read the manual in full before first use.

ELDOM WG100 Stand Fan Instruction Manual

This user manual is for the Eldom WG100 Stand Fan, providing instructions on how to use and dispose of the product properly. The manual includes information in multiple languages and emphasizes the importance of recycling to preserve natural resources and prevent negative environmental and health consequences.

eldom CS25 Cordless Kettle Instruction Manual

Learn how to safely use and dispose of the ELDOM CS25 cordless kettle with this detailed user manual. Follow the safety instructions and keep the manual for future reference. Suitable for ages 8 and up. Ensure the appliance is placed on a stable, dry surface and connected to a compatible socket. Avoid exceeding the maximum water level mark to prevent splashing. Remember to recycle used electrical equipment properly.