Tozo Bluetooth Headset T6

Tozo Bluetooth Headset T6

Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

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TOZO T6 Earbuds Reset Video Guide

Product Diagrammatic Sketch

Product Diagrammatic Sketch

Wearing Diagrammatic Sketch

Wearing Diagrammatic Sketch

Wearing Steps

Wearing Steps

Operation of Earbuds

How to Pair

  1. Take out the 2 headsets from charging base, they will power on automatically and will connect each ther automatically within 10 seconds.


2. The two earbuds flash red and blue alternately (Pairing mode).
3. Search for pairing name [TOZO-T6] and select it in your mobile phone.

Bluetooth Pair

Another method of Turning on &Turning off

Turn on:
Tap and hold the Touch Control on both earbuds for over 3 seconds.

Turn off:
1. Touch the Control button 5 seconds will turn off when earbuds in playless status.
2. The earbuds will turn off automatically after it is disconnected for more than 5 minutes.


If your earbuds fails to pair each other,or If you accidentally get only one earbud paired with phone, please reset to factory settings as per instructions below:

  1. Delete all TOZO-T6 records on the phone, then turn off the Bluetooth.
  2.  Take out the earbuds from charging case, wait till two earbuds flash red and blue alternately, then tap both of earbuds 3 times quickly, earbuds will turn off, reset done.
  3.  Put earbuds back into the charging case, and take earbuds out again, now turn on the phone’s Bluetooth and choose [TOZO-T6].


Charging the Earbuds

  1. Put the earbuds into the charging case, they will power off & be charged automatically. When the red LED lights up, it means that the earbuds are being charged from charging case.
  2. The red light will turn off when the earbuds are fully charged

Charging the Charging Case

Please use the 5V/1A adapter to charge the charging case, which can be charged with a computer USB or other USB interface charger.

Box wireless charging

Designed for the modern life, never be strangled by headphone cables. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging and free charging devices provided by airports, hotels, and cafe shops around the world.

Charging the Earbuds

Note: The battery indicator–white indicator light is above the wireless charger.

Charging Warning

Don’t tap the earbuds Touch Control while in charge , otherwise it will be fail to pair. Then you should follow the reset to factory settings.

Button Operation

Button Operation
Button Operation




Waterproof for daily use (sweating, rain, washing face, showering, having a bath, etc, but not for swimming under water*)

*Please note that the phone’s Bluetooth signal can not be transmitted underwater.



  1. Never dismantle or refit the product to avoid malfunction or fire hazards.
  2. Keep away from corrosive liquids to avoid damages to the product.
  3. Keep away from extreme ambient temperatures below-10—C or above 60—C.
  4. Keep away from children and pets.
  5. Never touch the earphone with sharp objects, otherwise it will easily cause scratches.
  6. Don’t use the product in thunderstorm weather to avoid malfunction or electric shock.
  7. 1f it has not been used for more than a month, please charge and maintain it in time to ensure that it is safe.
  8. Since the Bluetooth signal cannot be transmitted underwater, swimming, diving will caused the signal disconnected or intermittent.


1. Q: Failed charging of the charging case.
A: Make sure the charging cable is intact and plugged in properly.

2. Q:Two devices named “TOZO-T6″are found.
A: Delete both names and search again.

3. Q: Sound is unclear.
A: Increase the volume slowly on your phone and earbuds and keep them close to each other.

4. Q: Why cannot hear voice?
A: 1. Ensure both earbuds have been turned on.
2.Turn up the phone’s volume to the maximum setting.
3.Try to tap the touch control once to play music.

Note: If your problem is not answered above, please contact us via email, we will respond within 24 hours.

Email: [email protected]

Battery Warning: This product has built-in lithium batteries. Do not expose the product to strong sunlight, fire or throw it into the fire to avoid explosion.


Tozo Bluetooth Headset T6 Manual  – Download


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  1. Hello, I have for 9 months my TOZO T-6 IPX8 headset that I bought in AMAZON Oct 14, 2020 and everything was working perfectly but since yesterday it stopped working everything seems to indicate that it is problems with the charger case since when I connect it to the Take the electricity the LEDs no longer light up, when checking for the warranty I realize that I had not activated it, what can I do? Can you help me? Thank you for your possible answers, Kind regards,
    Jose Miguel.

    Hola, tengo desde hace 9 meses mi auricular TOZO T-6 IPX8 que compre en AMAZON Oct 14, 2020 y todo estaba funcionando perfectamente pero desde ayer dejo de funcionar todo parece indicar que es problemas con el estuche cargador ya que cuando lo conecto a la toma de electricidad los leds ya no se encienden, al revisar para la garantía me doy cuenta que no la había activado, Que puedo hacer? Me pueden ayudar? Gracias por sus posibles respuestas, Reciban un saludo cordial,
    Jose Miguel.

      1. I have a brand new set of the T6 and I have done everything the manual says to do but can not get the right earbud to work has anyone else had this problem? Or have any suggestions

  2. I’ve been using them with no problem, But now they unpaired each other separated – Like independent from each other, so on bluetooth I have 2 Tozo earbuds headsets, left and right, Not one like before.
    This is so strange. If I pair one, the other disconnects. Any solution? Reset doesn’t work.

  3. The reset instructions in the manual are wrong or missing how to syncronize primary and secondary.
    Here’s how I fixed after 2 hours:

    1- Turn them off
    2- Turn them on, wait till lights blink red and blue
    3- Quickly tap both TWICE, 2 times (not 3 like the company says)
    4- They will blink BLUE ONLY very quick, it’s the signal they paired with each other.
    Put them on the case, than turn them on. Primary and secondary will be working.

    If you follow manual you are losing your time, as the pairing steps are not mentioned, just the ”RESET” wich is 3 taps, to shut down. It don’t actually makes them to pair with each other.
    Hopes this helps.

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