TECHFACTURE 450mbps All-New WiFi Extender Internet



  • MODEL: 450mbps
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: Wi-Fi Extender Range Booster
  • DATA TRANSFER RATE: 450 Megabytes Per Second
  • COVERAGE: up to 6000 SQ FT
  • COMPATIBILITY: Roku, Fire Stick TV, Alexa devices, Xbox/PS, garage doors, doorbell, cameras, smart plugs, locks and others
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 7.32 x 3.82 x 2.24 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 7 ounces


Introducing the more recent Wi-Fi range extender signal booster for home and office with Ethernet connector. WiFi repeater designed to increase the range of your current WiFi network. For even faster wired connection speed, there is 1 Gigabit port. Simply plug in the WiFi extender into any outlet, then press the WPS button on both your router and the internet extender… You’re all set, bang! Our modern WiFi extenders for the home will increase the coverage area of your wireless network for up to 25 devices to 6000 SQ FT. you can Play games, video conference, and confidently stream 4K video indoors and outdoors. It is comfortable and is ideal for medium and large-sized homes, and it can be used in front yard or front porch! Easily extends your WiFi signal with any brand of router.

Once this is done, you can maintain a solid connection with devices like Roku, Fire Stick TV, Alexa, Xbox, PlayStation, garage doors, doorbells, cameras, smart plugs, locks, and others. We take pride in providing the newest encryption standards WEP/WPA/WPA2 as well as ongoing updates for further security and privacy features. In case of a surge, our Wi-Fi extender also has overvoltage protection. WiFi range extenders with an Ethernet connector for home use.


  • Change the location of your current router.
  • Get a new, improved router.
  • Invest in a mesh Wi-Fi equipment.
  • Purchase a Wi-Fi booster or extension.
  • Purchase a set of Wi-Fi powerline networking adapters.
  • Change from 5GHz to 2.4GHz.


To see whether your extender is connected to the internet, go to Settings > Status. If everything seems good as shown below, your extender has connected to your router successfully. Your devices can be wired or wirelessly connected to the extender using Ethernet cables.


Several static IP addresses to link two routers to a single modem. This is conceivably the only way to truly link multiple routers to a single modem and have each router broadcast a different network.


  • Go to Actual Wi-Fi Router’s admin page and select Wireless > Wireless Client list. You would see all clients, including those linked to range extenders, in this display.
  • Go to Range Extender’s admin page and select Wireless > Wireless Client list. You would be able to see every client connecting to the range extender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wi-Fi booster or extender: which is superior?

Wi-Fi boosters provide higher speeds and support more devices concurrently than extenders do.

Do Wi-Fi extenders genuinely pay for themselves?

Your needs, cost, and performance will all be factors. There are too many variables in WiFi for a universal answer. It’s up to you to know how to diagnose them and pick the correct tool for the job.

How far away from the router can a Wi-Fi extender be?

The WiFi extender can typically be placed between 100 and 400 feet away from the router. The location of these devices inside your home, the design of your home, the sort of extender you have, and your WiFi network will all play a role in this.

Can I use as many WiFi extenders as I like in my home?

There are two extenders available. However, it can result in the second one’s performance being less than ideal. Additionally, you can daisy-chain additional WiFi extenders, but doing so might lower your device’s throughput. As a result, you might want to think about joining each extender to the primary router.

What distinguishes a WiFi extender from a WiFi repeater?

Re-broadcasting the signal via a WiFi repeater in areas with lesser signals indicates that the current signal is poor. WiFi Extender increases the size of the network coverage area by extending its current range.

What distinguishes a network extender from a signal booster?

With the help of a WiFi extender, you may increase the range of your current signal. A WiFi booster will amplify or enable a stronger signal using your current signal. If you have issues with signal strength into dead zones in your house or yard, one of these devices will help.

Does the router require to have a WiFi extension plugged in?

However, bear in mind the following: To access the internet, each WiFi extender must be linked to and within reach of a WiFi router. Connecting one WiFi extender to another will make one of them stop working, so avoid doing this.

What location is best for a WiFi extender?

The extender should be placed halfway between your wireless router and your PC, but it MUST be inside the wireless router’s coverage area. Reposition the Extender closer to the device while still within the router’s wireless range if you must utilize a different location.

WiFi extenders—do they function through walls?

Yes, WiFi extenders can assist strengthen your WiFi connection and they do operate over walls. For the best coverage in a large home or business, it is advised that you position your WiFi extender close to the center of the space.

What does WPS mean?

Many routers come with a function called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). It is intended to simplify the process of joining a computer or other device to a secure wireless network. For Android TVTM models, this is crucial.

Is an Ethernet wire required for a Wi-Fi extender?

A device that operates without a cable is a range extender. It receives and amplifies the Wi-Fi signal from the base station before transmitting it again. An Ethernet dock may occasionally be included with a real range extender. This added functionality enables you to connect a device without wireless capability to your LAN.

Can any router be used with any Wi-Fi extender?

If you have an 802.11n router, check that the extender supports 802.11n since most extenders should be able to function with any router. An 802.11n extender should function with an older b/g router, although it might not perform as well.

How can I extend my WiFi signal to a building that is a thousand feet away?

Almost always, a cable—preferably a burial-grade cable, either Ethernet or fiber, installed in a conduit and buried several feet underground—is the optimum solution when extending a network from one building to another.

Are two WiFi extenders allowed in my home?

Having two Wi-Fi extenders is not hazardous, and it may even be advantageous if you live in a big house with an intricate layout that tends to obstruct Wi-Fi signals. You must keep in mind that when you set up two extenders, they should be on different Wi-Fi channels.

How many WiFi routers are allowed in a single home?

It is feasible to use two (or even more than two) routers on the same home network. A network with two routers has the following advantages: Support for additional wired gadgets: A constrained number of connected devices are supported by the initial router if it is wired Ethernet (typically only four or five).

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