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Razer Abyssus Support

Razer Abyssus

Common Questions

How can I test my Razer Mouse to be sure that the buttons are assigned and working properly?

Open the Customizer and assign button 3 to the number 3 on the keyboard, 4 to 4, etc. Open Notepad in Windows and click the corresponding buttons to test if they have been bound correctly. If the bindings are not working with a specific game, contact the game publisher.

What are Master Acceleration and Master Sensitivity Control?

Master Acceleration lets you assign the same sensitivity for both the X and Y axis. Master Sensitivity Control allows for fine-tuning of specific X and Y axis sensitivity.

What buttons can I register for macros on Razer mice?

You can set macros to reflect the majority of keyboard keys except for the Windows keys and enhanced function keys. Mouse button presses are not programmable to macros.

What is Chroma lighting and where can I find out more about it?

Razer Chroma represents more than just a multicolor lighting setup. It opens up limitless personalization options, and you can learn more by visiting the Razer Chroma: Full Spectrum Gaming page.

What is on-the-fly macro recording on Razer Mice and Keyboards?

On-the-fly macro recording allows users to record lengthy macros in the game, without having to access driver menus or other software. For example, you can hit the “Macro Record” key and input a sequence of multiple spells in “World of Warcraft” to a specified key. The same sequence of spells can then be executed automatically with the actuation of that one button.

Will my USB Razer product work on a console (Xbox360, PS3, etc)? It has USB ports.

Our computer USB products are meant for computer use only and we do not support using them on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 console.


How do I change the language of Configurator?

There is no option in the Customizer because the language used is based on the driver version installed on the computer. There is no selection enabled in the Customizer. To correct the issue, uninstall the software and download the appropriate driver from our website.

How do I use the “Surface Calibration” tool to adjust the mouse to my specific mouse pad and gaming style?

The Auto-Calibration feature is available on specific models of Razer mice. The auto-calibration feature on the mouse is set to “ON” by default. When plugging your mouse into your system, your mouse should be sitting on the surface you want to use your mouse on for it to calibrate properly to that surface. The distance to which you want the mouse to cut off tracking is adjustable through the software package that comes with the mouse.

Note: Check first if your Razer mouse has the Surface Calibration feature before trying anything.

How to use the On-The-Fly sensitivity function on my Razer mouse?

If a button has been assigned with “On-the-fly sensitivity”, press and hold it while scrolling up or down, this will pop-up a bar on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen allowing you to adjust the sensitivity settings.

I am experiencing a lack of speed when using the new Razer Abyssus 2014, what can I do?

Try to download and update the latest Razer Abyssus 2014 firmware to fix this issue.


Are Razer products available in PS/2 versions? Can I use the products with a USB to PS2 adapter?

Razer products are only available and supported in USB mode only. There are no plans to release a PS/2 version, and they will not function properly using a USB to PS2 adapter.

My mouse cursor is not moving.

Try cleaning the sensor using a Q-Tip lightly coated with rubbing alcohol. Let the sensor dry for 5 minutes and try the mouse again.

For mice with surface calibration:

If it still does not work, your sensor may have been improperly calibrated when setting up surface calibration. With the mouse plugged in and flat on your mouse mat, hold down the left-click, right-click, and mouse wheel button for 7 seconds to reset surface calibration. If this does not work, contact our support team.

My mouse has stopped tracking and the buttons are working but the mouse cursor stopped moving?

If your mouse has the surface calibration feature, then you may need to have the surface calibration reset. To do this, press and hold the left, middle, and right buttons (M1, scroll wheel, and M2) for 5 seconds. After your mouse resets, you should now be able to reset the surface calibration in Synapse.

My Razer peripheral will not work properly when used with a KVM switch.

We recommend plugging your Razer product directly into your computer. KVM switches are known to cause interruptions in communications between devices and computers. If your Razer product works when plugged directly into the computer, then it is operating correctly and the issue is most likely due to the KVM switch.

What can I do when my Razer mouse does not track?

Clean the sensor on the bottom side of the mouse with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. To help isolate any problems you may also want to try the mouse on another USB port and if possible on another computer.


Can I use the in-game mouse configurations software on my Mac?

The in-game mouse configurator is compatible with Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 only.

Note: The In-game configurator option in “Button Assignment” has been removed for all Razer Naga Family.

I cannot find my Razer mouse or keyboard in Windows Device Manager under “Mice and other pointing Devices”.

Razer mice and keyboards are not typically found under the “Mice and other pointing Devices” section of the Windows Device Manager. They are normally found under “Human Interface Devices”.

My Razer Abyssus seems to have tracking issues at a very high swiping speed. Is there a fix for that?

A firmware update has been developed to address maximum tracking speed performance that occurs on a limited number of Razer Abyssus 2000 for a small group of users with specific use cases. If you have purchased your Razer Abyssus online before 2nd July 2014, and you think you have a tracking issue, you may obtain a firmware update through Razer Customer Support.

My Razer product does not work at startup after a cold start, what should I do?

Ensure that USB ports are not in hibernation mode.

  1. Go to your Windows “Device Manager” and click the + sign next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Click on any “Root Hub” and select “Properties.”
  2. Click the Power Management tab and ensure that “Allow computer to turn off this device to save power” and proceed to do this under each Root Hub.
  3. From the Control Panel and Power Options, select the Hibernation Tab and deselect “Enable hibernate support“.

My Razer product does not work correctly with a specific program or game. What should I do?

Test the device if the issue is persistent in other applications. If the device works fine, then the program is the cause of the issue. If this is the case, feel free to contact Customer Support to report the issue and see if there are any fixes or workarounds for the issue.

What is the difference between “driver” and “firmware” updates in the Razer Support Site?

Drivers are installed onto your computer and allow your computer to communicate with your Razer product. Firmware updates are hardware level codes to be installed directly to the Razer device that can update, fix, or change the functionality of the product.

What is Ultrapolling technology on Razer keyboards and mice?

Ultrapolling is a technology developed by Razer that heightens the frequency of the keyboard or mouse, which reports actuation information back to the computer, and ensures a responsive and accurate experience with every keypress and click.

Where can I find drivers for my Razer product?

You may find your Razer product’s drivers on the Razer Support Download Site.

When I use fast-user switching to change between Windows accounts, the configuration of my Razer product is no longer active.

This is a general problem with fast-user switching. The configuration of the product is unique and set for the logged-in user; once you switch users you will have to re-configure the product. There is no other workaround at this time.

To see more general faqs for peripherals, go to the MICE FAQs.

Software, drivers and updates for download

Razer Synapse 2.0 (PC) – Cloud-based configurator and manager for Razer devices – Download

Razer Synapse 2.0 (MAC) – Cloud-based configurator and manager for Razer devices – Download


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Razer Abyssus Master Guide (Simplified Chinese) – Download

Razer Abyssus Master Guide (Traditional Chinese) – Download

Razer Abyssus Master Guide (French) – Download

Razer Abyssus Master Guide (German) – Download

Razer Abyssus Master Guide (Japanese) – Download

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