Reset the Razer Sila to factory default settings

The Razer Sila is a wireless dual-band router that can connect multiple devices but still able to provide excellent speed and remarkable performance on your network, especially for gaming and streaming.

There may be times that you experience issues using your Razer Sila. This may be due to some factors such as compatibilities with other devices in the network, improper or incorrect configuration, and so on.

Several troubleshooting steps can be done on the Razer Sila depending on the issue and most of the time, resetting needs to be done as part of the process. This step deletes all configuration that has been previously done on the router and sets it back to factory default settings. After the reset, you can reconfigure the router and apply your new settings.

This article will guide you on how to properly reset the Razer Sila router to factory default settings. Follow the steps below:

  1. With the Razer Sila still plugged into the power outlet, locate the “RESET” button at the back of the router.Reset the Razer Sila to factory default
  2. Using a paperclip, press the button for about 10 seconds and then release it.
  3. Observe the Razer logo, which also serves as the indicator light at the top of the router. The light should blink blue, an indication that the router is resetting to factory defaults.Reset the Razer Sila to factory default
  4. Perform a power cycle on the router. Unplug it from the power outlet for 30 seconds and plug it back in.
  5. As soon as the light goes solid green, you can then reconfigure the router.



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