Power Multi-Cooker logo 5QT Quick Start Guide*

• See owner’s manual for complete instructions and important safety information before using this product.


Step 1

Power Multi-Cooker Step 1

Place Inner Pot into the unit.

Step 2

Power Multi-Cooker Step 2

Add Ingredients.

Step 3

Power Multi-Cooker Step 3

Close and secure the lid.

Step 4

Power Multi-Cooker Step 4

Follow your recipe for correct cook time.

Step 5

Power Multi-Cooker Step 5

For easiest cleanup, wash Power Multi Cooker parts immediately after cooking. Place dishwasher-safe parts on the top rack only.

Wash All Components Before First Use


Documents / Resources

POWER Power Multi-Cooker MC501 [pdf] User Guide
Power, Multi-Cooker, MC501

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