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POWER Pressure Cooker XL User Guide

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POWER Pressure Cooker XL User Guide

  • See the owner’s manual for complete instructions and important safety information before using this product.


POWER Pressure Cooker XL - STEP1 Place Inner Pot into the unit
POWER Pressure Cooker XL - STEP2 Add Ingredients
POWER Pressure Cooker XL - STEP3 Place Lid on Cooker with the Handle and Recessed Valve Handle and Recessed “10:00 o’clock” position. Rotate Lid counter-clockwise until you feel a click.
POWER Pressure Cooker XL - STEP4 Rotate Pressure Valve to the Lock position
POWER Pressure Cooker XL - STEP5 Follow your recipe for the correct cook time
POWER Pressure Cooker XL - STEP6 For easiest cleanup, wash Power Pressure Cooker parts immediately after cooking. Place dishwasher-safe parts on the top rack only.

Wash All Components Before First Use


How old is the Power Pressure Cooker XL?

Released to the market in 2014, the Power Pressure Cooker XL is marketed as an “amazing, one-button kitchen miracle” – cutting cooking times by up to 70% with the touch of just one button.

What company makes Power Pressure Cooker XL?

In anticipation of Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, Invention Company Tristar Products, Inc., makers of the Power Pressure Cooker XL, is reminding customers how to get the most out of their units

How do I use the Power Pressure Cooker XL?

The Power Pressure Cooker XL has a digital display, so it’s very intuitive to use. Simply press the “Cook” button to select the desired cooking time and press “Start.” When the cooking time is up, the cooker will automatically switch to “Keep Warm” mode and begin to count down the time until you can open the cooker.

What is “Keep Warm” mode?

The “Keep Warm” mode is a great feature that keeps your food warm for up to 10 hours after it’s done cooking. This is perfect for when you’re running late or need to serve your food at a certain time.

How do I clean my Power Pressure Cooker XL?

For easiest cleanup, we recommend washing all parts of your pressure cooker immediately after use. You can wash all parts of your pressure cooker in hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher. Never immerse the base unit in water; never put any part of your pressure cooker in the oven or microwave; and never place any part of your pressure cooker in a dishwasher that is drying or has no water.

Is Power Pressure Cooker XL safe?

The Power Pressure Cooker XL has built-in safety features including a lid safety device. This keeps the pressure and piping hot air from escaping through the seal. This device is also equipped with a back-up safety release valve in case too much pressure builds up.

Can you can meat in a Power Pressure Cooker XL?

Canning – the canning button cooks at 12 psi, which is high pressure in the Instant Pot. If you prefer, you can do all your pressure cooking using the canning button if you’re pressure cooking longer than 10 minutes. You can adjust the time to 45 and 120 minutes.

What does E3 mean on a Power Pressure Cooker XL?

The E3 code is a safety feature. It appears when the unit’s running temperature is higher than the programmed temperature to prevent any food from burning or the overheating of the unit. When the E3 code appears on your screen, try to cool the unit by turning it off and unplugging as well as removing the cooking pot.

How many quarts is the Power Pressure Cooker XL Pro?

The Power Pressure Cooker XL Pro comes in 6 quarts only.

What is a power cooker plus?

Highlights. The Tristar 8-Quart Power Cooker Plus locks in the nutrients. Infuses meat and seafood with intense flavor without unwanted fat. Saves time and energy. The air-tight lid locks into place and traps the super-heated steam inside.

Which pressure cooker has a recall?

This recall involves Instant Pot “Smart” and “Smart-60” electric pressure cookers.

How long does pressure canned meat last?

This stainless steel pot is made from dishwasher safe material and can easily work on all types of heat surface. Moreover, it also comes with features like stay-cool safety-lock handle, visual pressure indicator, and auto pressure release.

Is it better to slow cook or pressure cook?

Slow cookers are much better for cooking root vegetables and tough cuts of meat because the long, low-temperature cooking process is great for adding moisture and breaking down fat. It is not recommended that you cook leaner meats in a slow cooker, but they can be prepared no problem in a pressure cooker.

Can you put a Pyrex dish in a pressure cooker?

One is about using Pyrex® inside the electric pressure cooker. According to Corelle Brands, makers of Pyrex®, it is not recommended to put this glassware in these appliances. The glass is not made to be put under pressure and it could crack or explode.

What does E3 code mean?

The E3 error code displays when an Abnormal Operation Protection Error has occurred, and activates to protect the unit from damage.

Are electric pressure cookers and instant pots the same thing?

The main differences between a traditional pressure cooker and an Instant Pot is that of usability, technology and safety. While pressure cookers pose a risk of an explosion, causing a mess and even injury, Instant Pots come with advanced safety features that make them much safer to use and far more user-friendly.

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