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Quick Start Guide
NGTeco Time Clock – W2 model Version: 1.0
Due to regular product upgrade, we cannot guarantee exact consistency between the actual product and the written information in this manual.

1. Components

2.8 inches TFT LCD




2. Defining AtteFnindgaernprcinet SRenusloer

USB Port


Mounting hole

2. Installation
Step 1
Drill holes on the wall and fix the mounting plate as shown.

Step 2 Hold the device and fix the upper hooks to the mounting plate.

Step 3 After fixing, tighten the screw at the back of the device.




3. Enroll User’s Fingerprint

Y Y Y Correct and Incorrect Finger position

Place the finger flat and centered on the sensor surface. Avoid angled/tilted
position. Place the finger consecutively until the success message appears.

4. Add a new User on Clock
Y Go to [Users] and then [Add User].
Y Enter the First Name, Last Name of the user.
Y Select Enroll FP to enroll the fingerprint.
Y Similarly, select Enroll PWD to enroll the password.
Y Set the user permission as Employee/Admin.
Y Press the Up/Down arrow key to navigate to the [Save] button, and press the <M/OK> key to save the data.

5. Setup Pay Period

Y Go to [Pay Period]. Y You can choose Weekly, Bi-
weekly , Semi-monthly or
Monthly pay period type according to the payroll policy. Y The Time Report will be generated based on the selected pay period type.

6. Configure Attendance Rule
Y Go to [Rule]. Y Maximum Work Hours: Verifies
if there is a missing punch when the total worked hours exceeds this value. Y Day Cutoff Time: It is the time that determines whether to count the worked hours to the previous day or next day. Y Duplicate Punch Interval: Avoids multiple attendance punches within the specified time.


7. Enroll Users in Batch through USB

Y Go to [Users] then select [Upload Users].

Y Insert the USB drive back to the clock and select [Upload

Y Insert the USB drive to the

User File] on the same screen.

clock, then select [Download Template File-1].
Y Add the user details to the

Y Then go to [User List], select
the user and enroll the fingerprint.

to the template file ecuser.txt

on PC and save.

8. Download Time Report

Y Insert the USB drive to the clock.
Y Go to [Time Report] and select the required time period.
Y Select the time format to be displayed on the report.
Y Press <M/OK> to
download the report.


9. Reset Date and Time 10. Add Missing Punch

Y Go to [System], then select [Date and Time].
Y Set the Date, Time and the Format.
Y Enable Daylight Saving Time if required.
Y Press the <M/OK> key to save.
Y Go to [Time Data], then select [Add Missing Punch].
Y Select the user, then enter the punch date, time and state.
Y Navigate to [Confirm] and press <M/OK>to save.

11. Backup User Data

Y Insert a USB drive to the clock.
Y Go to [Users] and then [Download users].
Y When you need to recover the data, rename the downloaded file to ecuser.txt and upload it.


12. Delete Data
Y Go to [Data] and click [Delete All Data] to clean all the clock data.
Y Go to [Data] and click [Delete Attlog] to delete all the attendance data.
13.8U. pgrade Firmware
Y Initially, download the firmware from the website and save it the root folder of the USB drive.
Y Plug the USB drive to the clock.
Y Go to [Data] and then [Upgrade Firmware].
Y Restart the clock after upgrading the firmware.

148. Setup Wi-Fi manually
Y Go to [Comm.] then [Wi-Fi Manual Setup].
Y Select the required Wi-Fi connection.
Y Navigate to [Password] and then enter the correct password to connect with Wi-Fi.
Y Navigate to the [Confirm] button and press the <M/OK> key to save.
158..Setup Wi-Fi through USB
Y Go to [Comm.] then [Wi-Fi Setup by USB].
Y Insert the USB drive to the clock then select [Download] to save the config file as ecwifi.txt.
Y Open ecwifi.txt on PC , enter the .Wi-Fi name(SSID)and Password then save.
Y Insert the USB drive back to the clock, then navigate to [Upload] on the same screen to upload the settings.

16. Download the Mobile App
Download the “NGTeco Time” App from the Google Play store or Apple store from your mobile device.
Y Connect your mobile to the same Wi-Fi network of the clock.
Y Go to [Comm.] then click [App Connection] to view the QR code.
Y Open the Mobile App and press the icon to scan the QR code from the clock.
Y Then the mobile app connects to the clock automatically.
Y After successful connection, you can setup the clock options from the App.

17. Setup Pay Period and Attendance Rule from App
Y Go to Setup menu. Y Set the Pay Period. Y Set the Start Day of the week. Y Set the Day Cutoff Time. Y Set the Duplicate Punch
Interval. Y Set the Maximum Work Hours Y Set the Time Format for report Y Click Save & Sync to sync the
settings to the clock.
18. Register users from App
Y Go to Users menu. Y Click the Add User icon to add a
new user. Y The User ID can be auto-
generated or manually assigned. Y Enter the First Name, Last Name
and Password. Y Set the permission. Y Click Save & Sync to sync the user
details to the time clock. Y Open User List on the clock to
enroll user’s fingerprint from the clock.

19. Download Time Report from App
Y Go to Report menu. Y Select the specific Pay Period. Y Or, select Custom Period and
set a date range within 31 days. Y Click Download Timecard
Report to generate the time report. Y Next, enter the email addresses
and send the email by clicking Email Timecard Report
20. Add Missing Punch from App
Y Go to Attendance menu. Y Click the Add Punch icon. Y Select the user to add the
missing punch. Y Select the Punch Date and Time. Y Select the Punch State. Y Click Save & Sync to sync the
attendance details to the clock.

21. Help and Support
For further details, scan the QR code from the Help menu from the device or package box to visit the online help center.
Website : Email : [email protected]
Phone : (770) 800-2321 Support : For more product information, please scan and visit our website. Copyright © 2020 NGTeco. All rights reserved.


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