Installing Obihai Technology OBiWiFi5G USB WI-Fi Adapter (Poly)

The ObiWiFi5G USB Wi-Fi Adapter allows Poly phones to connect to the Internet wirelessly. There are times when a physical phone is needed, and there may not be a wired internet connection available. A Wi-Fi adapter provides the freedom to place a phone, such as Poly VVX, anywhere within range of Wi-Fi.

NOTE: Nextiva recommends using a Wi-Fi adapter only when required. Due to the nature of VoIP service, customers can experience audio quality issues when using phones on an unstable connection.

NOTE: To troubleshoot audio quality issues, Nextiva Support requires a hardwire connection.


  • Poly VVX 250
  • Poly VVX 350
  • Poly VVX 450

Installing the ObiWiFi5G USB Wi-Fi Adapter

  1. Insert the ObiWiFi5G USB adapter into the USB port on the VVX phone. Select Start.

Start Wi-Fi Setup

    1. Select Wi-Fi > ON to reboot the VVX phone.

Enabling Wi-Fi

  1. When the VVX phone completes its reboot cycle, navigate to Settings > Basic > Wi-Fi to continue setup.
  2. After the VVX phone scans for Wi-Fi networks, select the correct network.
  3. Enter security information (Wi-Fi password) based on the network setup to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

NOTE: If the VVX phone does not automatically scan for networks, select Scan. VVX phones will automatically attempt to connect to saved networks.


  • Poly only supports the ObiWiFi5G USB Wi-Fi Adapter.
  • The Poly VVX 1500 does not support Wi-Fi USB adapters.
  • Video calls are not supported at this time.
  • There is not a way to use a USB headset while using the adapter.
  • There is not a way to use Wi-Fi and Ethernet at the same time.

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