Connecting to Your Nextiva Call Center Configuration Portal

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The Nextiva Call Center Configuration Portal is where you make adjustments to your Call Centers. You can access the Configuration Portal from the Nextiva Voice Admin Portal.

To Connect to Your Call Center Configuration Portal:

From the Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard, highlight Advanced Routing and select Call Center Locations.

Select the Log In button on the location that has Call Centers you wish to adjust.

The Configuration Portal launches in a new tab for convenience. Select Call Center on the left Navigation Pane to navigate to your Call Centers, then select Call Centers under the Basic column.

Click Edit to the right of the call center you want to make adjustments to, or just click the name.

The Call Center Profile page provides access to other features to modify your call center settings. Adding agents, supervisors, and configuring routing are some examples of tasks that can be completed through the Call Center Profile page.

Below are a few articles on how to set up common Nextiva Call Center features:

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