monkey noodles

Monkey Noodle 2.72 Multi Function Electronic Timer

Monkey Noodle 2.72 Multi Function Electronic Timer for Kitchen


  • COLOR: Blue, green, white, pink
  • BRAND: Monkey Noodle
  • MATERIAL: Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • POWER: 1x AAA battery
  • SIZE: 2.72″ X 3″
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.1 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 7.4 ounces


The maximum time on a magnetic timer is 99 minutes, 59 seconds; to advance the time, simply press and hold the “M” and “S” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. It has Large 2.1 x 1 inch LCD screen; Bold numbers for simple reading from any position in the kitchen. Blue, pink, white, and green are a quartet of hues. A durable ABS plastic body with an LCD large-screen display makes the numbers more legible. With the ON/OFF switch and one AAA battery while not in use, save the battery (Not included).

Digital timer for homework, exercise, gym workouts, sports, games, and classroom timer activities. The timer has a stand that can be placed on any flat surface at will. It also has an adsorption magnet that allows it to be connected to the refrigerator at home and to iron-containing objects.


The oscillator’s pulses are counted by the electronic timer circuit, which triggers specific actions after a predetermined number of pulses. A timer circuit in a watch might, for instance, count pulses until a second has passed, then signal the display of the following second and restart the count.


The “START/STOP” button must be pressed and held down to switch between 12- and 24-hour times. To switch between 12 and 24 hours, press “HR/+” or “MIN/-,” and then press the “START/STOP” button once more to confirm your choice. To change the hour or minute, press “HR/+,” and to change the hour or minute, press “MIN/-.”


  • To access the clock, detach the rear panel.
  • A white wire and a black wire that are daisy-chained to the light switch on the left side of the top panel will connect to the clock.
  • By jiggling the wire clamps on both wires, then pulling them apart, you can detach the two wires.


Press “Start/Stop” to initiate the timer’s start or stop. Pause the timer and simultaneously tap “HR/+” and “MIN/-” to start the countdown over at zero.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the kitchen timer do?

A kitchen timer is a tool for monitoring cooking over an extended length of time while you attend to other duties or leave the stove. However, a decent timer should also make it apparent how much time is still available to you in addition to telling you when your time is over.

What’s the mechanism of a kitchen timer?

A spring is compressed by turning the timer. This spring turns gears as it unwinds, which in turn moves the timer’s dial. The timer completes its cycle when the spring entirely unwinds. This causes the bell to ring at the conclusion of mechanical timer cycles.

What purpose does an electronic timer serve?

In industrial settings, electronic timers deliver precise feedback and event activation. Electronic timers finish the pre-set time interval and transmit an output signal to the linked equipment to start pre-programmed events like alarms and on/off switching.

What distinguishes a timer from a counter?

A timer creates delay by using the internal clock’s frequency. To count pulses, a counter requires an outside signal.

Is a kitchen timer necessary?

A kitchen timer is a tool for monitoring cooking over an extended length of time while you attend to other duties or leave the stove. However, a decent timer should do more than just alert you when your time is over. It ought to also clearly communicate how much time you have left.

Where are digital timers employed?

Both widespread consumer and significant industrial usage exist for digital timers. Timers are employed in consumer electronics for domestic use and leisure as well as process control equipment to help with process regulation. Timers are also used in industrial equipment to track usage and ageing.

What is the timer’s operating system?

When an input signal is received, a timer is a control device that outputs a signal at a predetermined time. The Timer’s pointers do not animate with the passage of time like a clock’s hands do. The passage of time is invisible.

How is an electrical timer switch operated?

Before connecting your appliance, switch on your plug timer and plug it into the wall. Turn the dial so the arrow aligns with the current time if the plug timer is mechanical. the pins for the times you want your appliance to be on should then be pushed down.

Power electronic timer: what is it?

Timers in a processor or controller can be utilized as counters in addition to producing time delays. They are employed to tabulate an occasion or deed. Every time a counter’s corresponding action or event occurs, its value rises by one.

Exists a switch that has a timer?

Timing circuits, switching mechanisms, and a lack of moving elements are all included in digital timer switches. These switches can be used to turn on or off lights at predetermined times. The pre-setting and cyclical configuration of lighting levels is possible with some models.

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