Connect automatically to Google Fi Wi-Fi hotspots

As part of a new trial, Google Fi has partnered with select high-quality Wi-Fi hotspot providers to give you coverage in more places. Eligible users on the Unlimited plan will automatically connect to these Wi-Fi hotspots at no extra cost. In your network settings, these hotspots appear as “Google Fi Wi-Fi.”

Through our partner networks, eligible users on the Unlimited plan get expanded coverage in addition to the millions of open Wi-Fi hotspots you can already connect to automatically, even where your cell signal is low. As we continue to add more partner networks, you’ll be able to connect to Google Fi Wi-Fi hotspots in more locations.

Who can use Google Fi Wi-Fi

To connect automatically to Google Fi Wi-Fi, you must:

How Google Fi Wi-Fi works

  • When you’re in range, your device automatically connects to Google Fi Wi-Fi.
  • You don’t get charged for data use.
  • Google Fi Wi-Fi doesn’t count against your data cap.

Disconnect from Google Fi Wi-Fi

If you want to stop a connection to a Google Fi Wi-Fi hotspot, or avoid connection to the hotspot when your device comes in range of an eligible hotspot, you have these options:

When one of your other saved networks, like your home Wi-Fi network, is nearby and available, Google Fi Wi-Fi never automatically connects.

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