Sign up for Google Fi

Learn how to sign up for Google Fi and what you need to get started with this wireless service. Get a Designed for Fi phone or use an eligible device with a SIM card to access the Fi Network in most US zip codes. Find out if your Google Account works with Google Fi and how to add your US home address for payments.

Google Fi tips & tricks

Learn how to make the most of your Google Fi experience with these tips & tricks. Stay connected by expanding your coverage and managing data through Wi-Fi. Make calls over Wi-Fi and share data with up to 10 devices using your Fi phone's hotspot feature. Discover more ways to optimize your Google Fi service.

Call forwarding & caller ID

Learn how to set up call forwarding and manage your Caller ID on your Google Fi phone with this user manual. Follow the easy steps to forward calls to another number, block outgoing caller ID, and manage your Google Caller ID settings. Perfect for Project Fi users.

Connect automatically to Google Fi Wi-Fi hotspots

Learn how to connect to Google Fi Wi-Fi hotspots on your Android 11 device with this user manual. Eligible users on the Unlimited plan can connect automatically, expanding coverage for no extra cost. Find out how to turn on the VPN and disconnect from the network easily. Get the most out of Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) with these instructions.

Recycle your old devices

Learn how to recycle your old electronics with Google Fi. As a provider committed to creating a better web and environment, Google Fi can help you find recycling locations for your old devices. Upgrade to Fi and do your part for the planet.

My account isn’t eligible for Google Fi

Learn how to troubleshoot common issues when signing up for Google Fi with this user manual. Discover why your account may not be eligible and how to fix issues related to Google Voice, payments, and your Google Account. Ensure a hassle-free sign-up process for your Google Fi compatible device.