DirecTV On-Screen Menu Help Guide

DirecTV On-Screen Menu Help Guide


Smart Search
Spend less time searching and more time
watching with our intuitive search feature.
Available on all HD DVR and DVR Receivers (model R22 or later).

Smart Search

Press MENU on your remote.
Search by title, person, channel or keyword.
Scroll through the channel options until
you fi nd the one you’re looking for, then
press SELECT.

Customize Your Guide
Quickly get to your favorite channel right
away or discover something new.

Customize Your Guide

Press the GUIDE button twice to
search by category.
Scroll through the options, then press
SELECT to view a category.

Instantly access nine of your favorite, most-watched
channels so you can tune to them right away.


To add a favorite channel, press the UP ARROW
on your remote while watching. Press ENTER to
add the channel.
To access your QuickTune favorites at any time,
press the UP ARROW on your remote.

One-Line On-Screen Guide
See what’s coming up without missing what’s
on. View the One-Line On-Screen Guide while
viewing your program on the full screen.

One-Line On-Screen Guide

Press ENTER or the BLUE button
on your remote.
Scroll through the guide one line at a time.
Press EXIT to close the guide

Don’t miss a minute of your favorite shows.
Quickly toggle between any two games or
shows that are simultaneously recording.

Available with DVR Receivers (model R22 or later) or an HD DVR (model
HR20 or later). Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately


While watching one program, press
the DOWN ARROW on your remote.
Press the DOWN ARROW again to
select a show on a diff erent channel.
Use the DOWN ARROW to fl ip
between the two.

Parental Controls
Feel better knowing what your kids are watching
when you’re not around. You can block specifi c
channels and programs based on ratings and viewing
times, plus set spending limits for Pay Per View titles.

Parental Controls
Press MENU on your remote.
Select SETTINGS & HELP, then
Choose from options on the left
to set up your controls.

Record Shows
Press RECORD once to record an individual
episode or twice to record an entire season.

To access your recorded shows:
Press LIST on your remote.
Scroll to your desired recording
and press SELECT.
You can also pause, rewind and
fast-forward anytime.

Organize Playlist
Sort, delete and arrange your shows
according to your preference.
Available on all HD DVR and DVR Receivers.

Press LIST on your remote.
Press the DASH or YELLOW button
and choose from a variety of options

Enhance Your Live TV Experience
If you need to step away during your show,
no worries. You won’t miss a second of
your entertainment.

Enhance Your Live TV Experience

Press PAUSE during any live program
or sporting event, then press PLAY when
you’re ready to resume.
You can then rewind or fast-forward to
catch the exact moment you want to see.

Press ADVANCE to scan your show with a controlled 30-second FAST-FORWARD. If you spot something you
want to see, you can quickly go back. Hold the button down to jump to the end of the selected program.

HD DVR in Every Room
Pause and rewind live TV, plus record and delete
shows, from any room. Record up to fi ve programs
of your choice at the same time.
Requires one TV connected to a Genie HD DVR and a Genie Mini or DIRECTV Ready TV/
Device for each additional TV. Limit three remote viewings per Genie HD DVR at a time.

HD DVR in Every Room

Press the LIST button to pull up your recordings,
then refer to the OPTIONS prompt.
Scroll and select FILTER BY PLAYLIST.
Select ALL to view recordings from all TVs
or LOCAL PLAYLIST to view a recording
from the TV you are watching.

Picture in Picture (PIP)
Watch two shows at once without having to
change the channel.
This feature is available only on the TV directly connected to Genie HD DVR.

Picture in Picture (PIP)

Press the INFO button on your remote and
select PIP.
Turn on PIP and select the PIP screen position

Genie Recommends
Find that new favorite show everyone’s talking
about. Genie recommends the most popular,
can’t-miss shows that are on right now.
Opt-in to Genie Recommends required.

Genie Recommends

Press MENU on your remote.
Select TV SHOWS.

All Seasons
Quickly locate and record entire seasons.
Every available episode is arranged by season
and plays automatically one aft er the other—
binge-watching is easier than ever.
Available on select HD DVR Receivers (HR34 or later). Due to programmer restrictions, some episodes or seasons may be unavailable

All Seasons

Use SMART SEARCH to fi nd and
select a show.
ALL SEASONS will appear in the top left .

On Demand4
Choose from thousands of shows and movies
available On Demand anytime, including hundreds
of titles that the whole family can enjoy.

On Demand

There are multiple ways to access On Demand.
If you know the network channel number:
Enter a “1” in front of that number. For
example, SHOWTIME® On Demand is on Ch. 1545.
In the guide, highlight the PLUS
sign next to the channel number.
Go to Ch. 1000 to browse a huge selection of
shows and movies by network or category

Kids Content On Demand4
Get instant access to entertainment that
kids and parents can enjoy together.

Kids Content On Demand

Go to Ch. 1111.
Select from a variety of themed options
from the On Demand menu on the left .
Choose from hundreds of popular
children’s shows and movies that are safe
for viewing by the whole family.

72 Hour Rewind5
Now you can watch select shows you forgot to
DVR from the last 72 hours.
Available with DVR Receivers (model R22 or later) or an HD DVR (model HR20 or later).

72 Hour Rewind

Look for the PLUS icon near the channel
name in the guide.
Press SELECT on the remote.
and press SELECT.
All On Demand content from the last 7 days
will appear in chronological order.

Tuned in late? Restart select shows already in progress so you can watch from the very beginning.
Available with DVR Receivers (model R22 or later) or an HD DVR (model HR20 or later).


Look for the RESTART ARROW
in the channel guide.
Press SELECT on the remote to choose
the show in progress.
Press the REWIND button and the show
will start over.

Enter a favorite artist, track or genre and
Pandora will create a personalized station
that includes your favorites as well as new
music the app has discovered for you.


Press MENU on your remote.
Select EXTRAS.

Popular Sports
Browse current and upcoming games by
sport, date or time. Create a list of your favorite
teams and even set your Genie® HD DVR to
record their every game

Press MENU on your remote.

Get sports scores and the latest stats
instantly without changing your channel
or missing a big play.

For Internet-connected HD DVRs, press the
RIGHT ARROW button on your remote
to access SCOREGUIDE from any channel.
For all other receivers, press the RED button
while watching any sports channel.

Watch up to eight diff erent sporting events,
highlights and analysis from popular sports
networks at the same time, all in HD!
Channel available in HD only.

Tune to Ch. 205 SPORTSMIX.
Use the ARROW buttons to highlight a channel and
to hear audio for that channel. Press SELECT to
tune directly to that specifi c channel.

Tennis and Golf Experiences
Don’t miss any of the action with expanded live
coverage of major golf and tennis events. Plus,
check the latest scores, leaderboards and
matchups, and access player bios.

Visit or
for tournament dates and channel information.
When you’re tuned into any of the matches,
press the RED button on your remote to get
updates in real time.

AT&T’s original entertainment channel
is uncut, commercial-free and available
to all DIRECTV customers.

Tune to Ch. 239 to enjoy:
Original series: shows like Kingdom,
Ice, Undeniable with Joe Buck,
You Me Her, Off Camera and more.
Groundbreaking documentaries: fi lms
that inspire, educate and entertain.
Sports and entertainment news: live
episodes of The Dan Patrick Show and
The Rich Eisen Show every weekday.

Enjoy exclusive premieres on DIRECTV CINEMA®
before they’re in theaters. New hit movies
and acclaimed indie fi lms are added every month.

Movies start on Ch. 125 and
On Demand4 Ch. 1000.
Press SELECT to watch the movie
you want to enjoy.

Get quick solutions for resolving service queries on your own.
try this first! An easy solution for most problems:

try this first

Press the red RESET button next to the card slot on the receiver.

Press the red RESET

Note: On Genie Minis and some receiver models, the reset button is on the side of the device.

Technical issues
No Internet Connection Detected on Your DIRECTV® Receiver

Additional Possible Causes
• Ethernet or coax cable is loose or disconnected.
• Network settings on the receiver or the wireless
router have changed.
• Receiver has a poor connection to the
wireless network.

If you are experiencing problems with receiver
connectivity, visit
1. Check that the gateway is plugged
in and its lights are on.
2. Verify Internet service is active by
checking your home computer.

Frozen/Pixelated Screen Possible Cause
• Your receiver is having trouble
communicating with your satellite dish.
1. Check all connections on the back of your
receiver, starting with the SAT-IN connection,
and make sure they’re secure.
2. Reset the receiver or Genie Mini by pressing
the red reset button located on the side of
the device or inside the access card door on
the front panel.

No Signal/Snowy Screen Possible Cause
• TV is on the wrong input, channel or audio/visual connection

1. Verify both TV and receiver are on.
2. On your DIRECTV® Remote, press TV INPUT
OR on your TV remote, press the INPUT or
SOURCE button. On the RC71 Remote, press
and hold ENTER for 3 seconds.
Cycle through inputs slowly
until picture returns.
3. Check that all video cables between receiver and TV are securely plugged into matching ports.

Your DIRECTV® System may include the following components:


Download the PDF version of the user manual.

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