HaloStick 4 LED RingLight PF1 User Manual

User Manual HaloStick 4 LED RingLight PF1 INTRODUCTION & FEATURES Please read this user manual in its entirety before using your new On Air HaloStick. HaloStick takes your selfies to the next level. Ultra-compact and extendable up to 4 ft., it features a detachable tripod base so you can set it up anywhere. The ring […]

Tzumi Sound Mates Manual

TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS TWE paring Keep the distance between the device and the Bluetooth Earbuds within 3 feet(for pairing only) Press and hold the multi-function button on both earbuds for a few seconds until you hear prompt “ Power on”, and see blue lights flashing. You will hear prompt ”Left Channel” on Left Earbud and […]

Tzumi Sound Mates User Manual [BE4001]

SOUND MATES Wireless Stereo Earbuds In-Ear Design QUICK CONNECT To CONNECT-Note San: Males are pre-paired to each other. FIRST – Choose he PRIMARY SOUNDMATE you would Like to use answer/End Calls. SECOND – Pruss and hold the power button on the PRIMARY SOUNDMATE to enter Bluetooth paring mode. You will then hear Power ON To […]