Traulux, the brand was born after more than 30 years of experience with Charmex Internacional SA as a specialist in the audiovisual sector in the B2B category. Traulux is the evolution of internationalization, the result of the knowledge acquired after working all these years with the most prestigious brands in the international audiovisual sector. Their official website is

A directory of user manuals and instructions for Traulux products can be found below. Traulux products are patented and trademarked under the brand Traulux.

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  • +34 91 303 24 84

traulux SMI-W100 Motorised Wall Mount Instruction Manual

Learn how to safely install and operate the Traulux SMI-W100 motorised wall mount with this comprehensive user manual. Avoid accidents and damage with clear instructions and safety guidelines. Perfect for indoor use, the SMI-W100 features a 230-240V-50Hz input and 24V---2A output. Keep your cables undamaged and ensure free space for movement of the application in both directions. Order now to enjoy the benefits of this innovative wall mount.

Traulux TV Floor Cart and Accessories TTL04-610TW Installation Guide

This installation manual for the Traulux TTL04-610TW TV Floor Cart and Accessories provides step-by-step instructions to ensure safe and proper assembly. Regular maintenance is emphasized to ensure safety, and warnings are given to prevent injury or damage. The manual covers assembling the base, installing the adapter bracket, hanging the display, cable management, and more.