FaceX, LLC Founded in 1948 in Nagoya, Aiphone has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of intercom systems. We have earned a position of leadership by focusing. Their official website is

A directory of user manuals and instructions for AIPHONE products can be found below. AIPHONE products are patented and trademarked under brands FaceX, LLC.

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AIPHONE AC Series Access Control Solution Instruction Manual

Learn how to install and use the AC Series Access Control Solution, including the ACS-2DR-C, ACS-ELV, ACS-IOE and more. Get product information and usage instructions. Ensure compliance with UL294 Access Control Performance Levels when installed as part of the Listed AC-NIO system. Recommended for indoor use only.

AIPHONE AC Series Access Control System User Guide

Learn how to program and manage the AC Series Access Control System with the comprehensive user manual. The system includes access control panels, elevator controllers, and credentials for buildings and campuses. Customize the system with partitions, sites, and areas to fit your facility's needs. Get step-by-step instructions for initial setup, scheduling, input/output programming, and adding users in this guide.

AIPHONE IX-DVF-4A IP Video Door Station User Guide

Learn how to install and program the AIPHONE IX-DVF-4A IP Video Door Station with this comprehensive user manual. This video door station has 4 call buttons for selective calling to IX-MV7 master stations, and features a stainless steel faceplate with tamper-resistant screws. Discover its specifications, wiring diagram, and more.

AIPHONE IXS-HBDV Preprogrammed IX Kit User Manual

The IXS-HBDV Preprogrammed IX Kit user manual provides clear instructions for setting up the kit, which includes one IX-DV, one IX-MV7-HB, one PoE switch, and a USB drive. The manual also includes helpful videos on adding door stations, master stations, and an IXW-MA network relay. Get your Aiphone IXS-HBDV Kit up and running in no time with this comprehensive guide.