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Aurora Glow Solar String Lights- INSTRUCTIONS
Congratulations on the purchase of your Aurora Glow Solar String Lights!
Setting up your Aurora Glow Solar String Lights can be accomplished in 4 simple steps.

  1. Solar Panel
  2. Plastic detachable planting stake
  3. 6 hand-blown glass globes
  4. 6 copper hanging hooks
  5. 1 AA 900 Mah, NI-MH rechargeable battery

Step 1: Locate the on/off toggle switch on the bottom side of the plastic solar housing compartment. Move the toggle switch to the on position. This will activate the AA rechargeable battery in your Aurora Glow Solar String Light Set.
Notice that there is a thin plastic sheet in place to protect the solar panel during transport. Please remove this plastic sheet before using the Aurora Glow Solar String Lights.
Step 2: Attach the plastic planting stake to the plastic solar housing compartment. On the bottom of the solar housing, the compartment is a molded female fitting, attach the planting stake into the bottom of the solar housing compartment. Plant the solar collector into the ground, and position it for optimum direct sunlight collection.
Step 3: Attach the 6 copper hanging hooks to blown glass globes. Each glass globe is hand-blown with an individual glass hanging hoop. Insert the small s end of the copper hanging hook through the blown glass hanging hoop and secure by squeezing the small end of the copper hoop together tightly. Repeat until all 6 hanging hooks are attached.
Step 4: Hang the six Aurora Glow Solar String lights securely by utilizing the copper hanging hooks. Place the hand-blown glass globes as you please on an arbor, archway, umbrella, tree, hedge, fence-line or favorite garden feature. String the solar panel to a location that gets full sun and make sure to turn the On/Off switch to the On position and leave it in the On position at all times while outside. The product has an integrated light sensor, so it will automatically come on at dusk! Only turn the product Off when storing for the winter months.
Your Aurora Glow Solar String Lights are now assembled. Enjoy!
A few helpful hints:
Solar products perform best when the solar panel is positioned to receive direct sunlight daily. If you find that your Aurora Glow solar string lights do not light up upon the first night, allow the solar panel to charge for two full days in direct sunlight to fully charge the batteries. The amount of direct sunlight the solar panel collects daily will directly affect the total glow time each night. AA rechargeable battery is interchangeable and replaceable.
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