Use Face Recognition in Home on iPhone – Apple Support

Face Recognition identifies people by the faces that appear in your photo library or pictures of recent visitors captured by your camera or doorbell.

If you’re setting up a camera or doorbell for the first time, do the following:

  1. Add the accessory to the Home app.

  2. In the Recognize Familiar Faces card, turn on Face Recognition, then tap Continue.

  3. Choose who can access your photo library—Never, Only Me, or Everyone in this Home.

    • Never: Only faces you’ve added from clips in the Home app are recognized.

    • Only Me: Only the notifications you receive have the names of people in your photo library.

    • Everyone in this Home: The notifications for everyone in your home have the names of people in your photo library.

  4. Tap Continue, then finish setting up the camera or doorbell.

If you have an existing doorbell or camera and want to use it to identify visitors, tap it in the Home tab, tap the Settings button, tap Face Recognition, then turn on Face Recognition. Tap your photo library, then choose who can access it.

Note: Notifications can appear on any of the devices associated with your Apple ID.

A notification from Home is on the iPhone screen. It shows the picture of a person at the front door with a Talk button at the left. Below are accessory buttons for the front door and entryway lights. The words “Ashley is ringing the doorbell.” A Close button is at the top right of the notification.

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