Get information about your iPod touch

Get information about your iPod touch

View overall storage availability and storage used per app

Go to Settings  > General > iPod touch Storage.

See the Apple Support articles How to check the storage on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Manage your iCloud storage.

See battery usage

Go to Settings  > Battery to see the elapsed time since iPod touch has been charged. See Charge and monitor the iPod touch battery.

See more information about iPod touch

Go to Settings  > General > About. The items you can view include:

  • Name

  • iOS software version

  • Model name

  • Part and model numbers. To the right of Model, the part number appears. To see the model number, tap the part number.

  • Serial number

  • Number of songs, videos, photos, and apps

  • Capacity and available storage space

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses

  • Legal (including legal notices and license, warranty, and RF exposure information)

To copy the serial number and other identifiers, touch and hold the identifier until Copy appears.

To see regulatory marks, go to Settings > General > Legal & Regulatory.

View or turn off diagnostic information

Go to Settings  > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements.

To help Apple improve products and services, iPod touch sends diagnostic and usage data. This data doesn’t personally identify you, but may include location information.

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