Fix Google Authenticator Crashing / Not Opening on IOS 14 / 14.2

Instructions for re-installing Google Authenticator without loosing any current authenticator items.

Open Settings
Open General
Select iPhone Storage


Select Authenticator — if you have many apps, it may be best to scroll to the bottom first as authenticator typically uses a small amount of storage
Select Offload App — this will remove the App but not remove your local data or authenticator sessions. Dialog will confirm
Offload App Dialog
Reinstall the app

After the re-install is complete you will be good to go and the Authenticator app will once-again open without crashing. You may want to re-install the app over WiFi as it will re-download the app from iCloud / Apple store.

Honestly, Google authenticator is behind-the-times in terms of a solid 2-factor authentication app. You can tell by the many 2-star and worse reviews. Personally, I’m switching to Authy after this IOS 14 mishap

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  1. You are a genius. 100% successful and saved me some serious pain. Thank you so much. 🙂 Craig – Western Australia.

  2. Mine is doing the same, but mine is also controlled by my employer. When I do this, “Offload App” is not an option. Where to do from there?

    1. You might be able to backup your phone to your computer via iTunes and then restore from a backup. This may re-enable the app.
      The safest thing to do is to get your employer to allow app offloading via the provisioning profiles.

  3. I wanted nothing to do with contacting my IT team to re-setup my authenticator and this post saved the day. Thank you for providing CLEAR instructions on how to do this. Huge TIME SAVER!

  4. Wow what a great explanation that works immediately !!
    Tx !!

    Wow wat een super uitleg die ook onmiddellijk werkt!!

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