Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID



  • Weight 86 pound (0.39 kg)
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth, USB-C to Lightning Cable
  • Keyboard Description Standalone
  • Special Feature Wireless, Bluetooth, Rechargeable, USB-C to Lightning Cable
  • Operating System Mac with Apple silicon using macOS 11.4 or later
  • Keyboard backlighting color support Single Color
  • Brand Apple


The Apple Magic Keyboard with black keys now supports Touch ID and offers quick, simple, and secure authentication for logins and purchases. The enlarged layout includes full-size arrow keys and a numeric keypad. A precise yet comfortable typing experience is offered by the keyboard. It is Wifi as well, making it simple to pair with your Mac computer. The keyboard features an integrated rechargeable battery that can go up to a month without recharging (may vary depending on usage). Using the woven USB Type-C to lightning connection that is provided, you may sync and charge your device by plugging it into a USB Type-C port on your Mac.

What’s In the Box?

  • Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad (Black Keys)
  • USB Type-C to Lightning Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

ABS keycap material

The build quality of the Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is exceptional. It has a sturdy base plate made of plastic and an aluminium chassis with edges that seem sharp. It is a rigid keyboard, but because it is larger, it flexes more than the Apple Magic Keyboard 2017. It shouldn’t be a problem for routine use because it still requires a lot of force to bend. The ABS keycaps are slim and pleasant to the touch. Surprisingly, the larger keys rattle the most when you shake the keyboard, and there is a fair amount of rattle overall. The keys aren’t as stable as they should be, but this shouldn’t be a problem for everyday use. The four rubber feet underneath the keyboard are the last.


A low-profile keyboard with good ergonomics is the Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. It doesn’t have incline settings or a wrist rest, but since it lies almost flat against the table, you shouldn’t need either and won’t get tired.

Connector & Cable

Compared to the basic rubber cable that came with the Apple Magic Keyboard 2017, it has a lovely braided cable that feels superior. You can connect it to any USB-C-compatible device because it has a USB-C connector on the end. If you don’t want a Bluetooth connection, you can use it as a wired keyboard instead.

Typing Efficiency

The Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID has excellent typing accuracy. You shouldn’t get tired typing because the key spacing is normal and the keyboard is comfy. The switches have decent feedback, aren’t mushy, and the short pre-travel distance makes typing speedy. The Spacebar produces a rattling sound when you press it, and while the most of the keys are stable, there is still some wobbling to them. However, this problem does not exist with the Shift and Enter keys. Because there is more tactile feedback, it provides higher typing quality overall than the Apple Magic Keyboard 2017, but the difference is not really noticeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with macbook pro (13-inch, 2020, four thunderbolt 3 ports) that has touch id on the keyboard?


Will this product work with a macbook pro (15 in -2017) running monterey version 12.0.1?

It works well with the 13″ 2016 MacBook Pro I’m currently using.

Received mine today and paired it with macbook air, but hot to turn on backlight on on this keyboard?

There is no backlight on this keyboard.

Will this device pair with a PC running Windows 10?

I have an iMac myself, but I. see no reason why the Magic Keyboard would not pair with a PC and Window 10. Apple uses industry standard bluetooth. I’ve used a large number of keyboards over the past 40 years, frequently looking for a less expensive alternative to Apple hardware. I have found that, in my opinion, Apple makes the best.

Does this have a mic? Want to use this with my Mac mini.

Works perfectly with my Mac Mini (with the M1 Chip and newer though). But no it does not have a mic (microphone).

Can this be paired with imac and a pc simultaneously? how do you toggle back and forth?

There is actually a really easy way to use this with a Mac and PC. It involves using the free Windows Remote Desktop app. Once configured (which is pretty easy if you’re using Windows 10), you can switch to your Windows machine like it is another desktop or “space”. I use my MacBook Pro at home and at work every day simultaneously with a Windows workstation at each location and it is literally ctrl-< or ctrl-> to switch between the two computers. Same keyboard, same mouse, no KVM. It’s seamless.

Is this compatible with MacBook pro 16 inch?

As a plain keyboard, yes, but since the TouchID feature only works with M1 Macs, there would be no point in paying extra for this one.

Does it work on “macbook air” with a M1 chip?

Wrong item was sent, I paid for the keyboard WITH touch ID, instead I received the keyboard with no touch ID and charged me for the incorrect item.

Can this keyboard work wired (bluetooth off?)

Yes it can. I have mine wired and it works perfect.

Is this keyboard backlit?

No the keyboard is not backlit.

does this work on Mac mini m1?

Yes! It works great on my M1 Mac Mini. I love this keyboard. It works seamlessly and I love it.

Will this work with non-m1 macbook pro 2018 model?

As a plain keyboard, yes, but since the TouchID feature only works with M1 Macs, there would be no point in paying extra for this model.

Will this keyboard work with my 2018 macbook pro retina that also has touch id on its touch bar?

It only works with Apple Silicon Macs, so the Touch ID function would not work. However the keyboard parts would work without issue.

Can I still use my Magic Mouse with it?


Is this an original apple product?

I bought a MacBook Pro some time ago. I also bought a 10-key pad accessory packaged in an Apple labeled box. When the pad failed, I went to an Apple store. The attendant informed that it was not an apple product and that I had to take it to the third-party manufacturer.

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