HomePod settings

The person who set up HomePod can use the Home app on their iOS device to change HomePod settings. There are settings you specify for each individual HomePod you have, and settings that apply to all of the HomePod devices in your home.

Change settings for a HomePod. In the Home app, press (or touch and hold) a HomePod, tap Details, then do any of the following:

A HomePod shown in the Home app. Tap the Details button to change HomePod settings.
  • Change Siri’s voice: Tap Siri Voice to choose the accent Siri uses.
  • Change the Apple Music account: Tap Account, then sign in to the account you want to use.
  • Make the sound volume consistent: Turn on Sound Check to adjust for variances in songs so they all play at the same volume. Sound Check reduces the loudest volume setting on HomePod.
  • Avoid music with explicit content: Turn off Allow Explicit Content to prevent HomePod from playing songs and albums that are listed in Apple Music as having explicit content.
  • Keep songs out of your listening history: Songs played on HomePod influence how Apple Music identifies music you like, and they’re visible to your followers on Apple Music. If others are using your HomePod and you don’t share their taste in music, you might want to turn off Use Listening History.
  • Other settings: There are additional settings you can change, such as the room to which HomePod is assigned.

The following settings apply to all of your HomePod devices:

  • Turn automatic software updates on or off: In the Home app, tap the Show Homes button, then tap Software Updates.
  • Allow access to Messages, Reminders, and Notes: In the Home app, tap the Show Homes button, then tap Personal Requests.
  • Share access to HomePod with others: To allow others to control HomePod using the Home app, and to add songs to the Up Next queue using the Apple Music app, invite them to share your home. In the Home app, tap the Show Homes button, then tap Invite.

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