amazonbasics Folding Bike Lock

Folding Bike Lock
amazonbasics Folding Bike Lock-

This product contains small items that could be a choking hazard if swallowed. Keep these items away from young children.
• Make sure to read and understand these instructions before attempting to operate this lock.
Step 1: Open dust cover and insert key into key hole and turn clockwise.
Step 2: Remove the plate with the shackle from the side of lock body.

The Key can not be removed when the lock is opened.

Step 3: Open all the folding plates and put them around the bike in a secure location.
Step 4: Insert the shackle into the lock body, turn the key counterclockwise to lock, and pull out the key. Close the dust cover on the keyhole.
Step 5: Screw type: Screw the bracket to the bike frame.
Step 6: Put the lock into the bracket and then tighten the belt.
Step 7: Velcro Strap type: Open the velcro strap and put the woven nylon side. Put the Velcro strap around the bike frame.
Step 8: Tighten the velcro strap on the bike frame. Put the lock into the bracket and then tighten the belt.

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