AKAI C57 Metallic Housing Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter User Guide

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AKAI C57 Metallic Housing Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter

AKAI C57 Metallic Housing Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter



This device lets you stream music and calls directly from your Bluetooth device to your car FM stereo system. The built-in Bluetooth V4.2 provides you with an amazing hands free function, it also features dual USB Charging ports (Q.C 3.0 & 1A) which will greatly save your mobile charging time.

The Bluetooth chip also can be used with a wide range of device which can make your driving more interesting.


Packing contents:

  • Bluetooth device
  • User Guide



  • Bluetooth version: ATS 4.2
  • Bluetooth Protocol: AVRCP, HFP, A2DP
  • LED display dimensions:20*8mm
  • FM frequency: 87.5-108.0MHZ
  • Frequency stability: ±10ppm
  • Product Input:12-24V
  • Charger output: 5V/1A +QC3.0
  • Music Format: MP3/WMA
  • Bluetooth Distance: about 8 m
  • Product Weight: 37g
  • Product Dimensions: L33.7*W33.7*H 80.0mm
  • Material: Aluminum Ring & ABS Shell



  1. Wireless transmit phone call from mobile phone to car FM Stereo system via Bluetooth.
  2. Switch to Hands-free mode automatically from music playing status when receiving call.
  3. With metallic finish to match your auto-interior better
  4. With elegant LED screen to display numbers.
  5. Detect and display the voltage of Car Battery when power on
  6. Full 206 channels optional from 87.5-108MHz
  7. Input: DC12-24V, Output: QC3.0 Fast Charging +5V/1A
  8. Supports to read USB DISK up to 64 GB
  9. Incoming call number announcement.
  10. Supports last call redial
  11. Bluetooth Chip: V4.2; Support A2DP, AVRCP, HFP


This device can be paired as a hands free kit with any compatible Bluetooth enabled devices.



Please read all safety instruction and warnings carefully before using this product. Improper use of this product may result in damage. To ensure it works well, please never use this in the following conditions:

  1. Moist or underwater conditions.
  2. Conditions near heater or high-temperature service.
  3. Conditions with direct and strong sunshine,
  4. Conditions with apt falling
  5. Never dismantle the product without due permission, otherwise it may nullify the warranty clause.



FIG 1 Appearance


FIG 2 Appearance

Press and hold till the frequency keep flashing then press Forward Icon to increase the frequency and press Backward Icon to decrease the frequency.


When Playing the music, short press Forward Icon to play the next song and short press Backward Icon to play previous song; long press Forward Icon to turn up the Volume, long press to turn down the Volume.


Operation Instructions

  1. Plug the FM transmitter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or power port. The LED displays the voltage of car battery for 5 seconds. Then the device enters into Bluetooth pairing mode, LED also displays “bt”.
  2. Using Bluetooth for the first time, you need to pair your mobile phone with this unit. Activate your mobile phone’s Bluetooth function, then search new device. When the mobile phone detects this unit (named as “C57”), please operate to pair and connect it on the mobile phone.
  3. Tune your radio to an unused FM frequency, then match this device to the same frequency by following steps:

a. Press the Icon and hold about 2 seconds, LED will flash the frequency

b. Press the Backward Icon or Forward Icon to turn to the same FM frequency with your radio.

Using FM Transmitter function:

  1. Insert the USB disk which containing the MP3 files into the USB SLOT, it will play and transmit the MP3 files automatically.
  2. In the music playing mode, when there is an incoming call, this unit will automatically switch to hands-free phone call mode.

Using Bluetooth Function

  1. Please press the “Icon” to answer the incoming call.
  2. Please press the “Icon” to hang off a call.
  3. Press the “Icon” twice to dial the last Number.
  4. When making a call, you can only dial the phone number by your mobile phone, but once the call connected, you can use the hands free function to enjoy it.

Using USB charger function:

When this unit powered from car lighter socket, connect the USB port of this unit to your mobile phone with a special USB cable (not included), This unit will serve as mobile phone charger.

About QC3.0 USB Port:

If your mobile support the Quick charge, it will charge based on Qualcomm QC 3.0 protocol.

Here also listed the compatible Devices for reference:
Galaxy S7/S6/Edge/Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 5/4/ Edge, LG G4/G5, LG G Flex2, Nexus 6, HTC One M8/ M9, Droid Turbo, Xperia Z3/Z3 Compact/Z3 Tablet Compact/Z4 Tablet and many more (please check the official Qualcomm QC product list for more update)

But if you plug mobile which not listed among above, it will detect the phone voltage automatically and output accordingly.


Quick Guide:

FIG 4 Quick Guide



Not Treated as household waste

This symbol on the product or packaging means that the product should not be treated as household waste. Do not throw garbage at the end of its life, but take it to a collection center for recycling. in this way you will help to protect the environment and be able to prevent any negative consequences that it would have on the environment and human health.

To find your nearest collection center:

  • Contact local authorities
  • Access the website: www.mmediu.ro
  • Request additional information from the store where you purchased the product.


Read More About This Manual & Download PDF:

AKAI C57 Metallic Housing Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter User Guide – Download [optimized]
AKAI C57 Metallic Housing Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter User Guide – Download

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