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Powering a New Generation of  Mobile Computing

With blazing-fast speeds, better connectivity and richer use cases, Zebra’s TC53 and TC58 mobile computers are opening a new world of possibilities for retailers, field service organizations, and transportation and logistics businesses.

Redefining Mobile Computing Performance

An adaptive future proof design performs far beyond today’s demands and is designed to meet the workflow needs of tomorrow new generation of mobile computing is here. In an era of increased uncertainty and heightened consumer expectations, companies of all types face mounting pressure to do more with less. Forward-thinking leaders are increasingly turning to mobile technology to improve agility while lowering operating costs. Zebra’s in a series of mobile computing devices, the TC53 and TC58, represents a significant step forward in enterprise mobility. This device evolution offers updated hardware and cutting-edge solutions for more efficient workflows everywhere, from retail store floors to utility technicians out in the field. New hardware, new solutions, new sensor technologies, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and more are driving new possibilities into the world of mobility.

Unmatched Technology Innovation for the Needs of Today’s Enterprises

world changes faster every day, challenging businesses across verticals to keep up with the speed of technology. Globalization is reshaping markets, while the on-demand economy has driven customer expectations sky-high. With labor and supply chain costs skyrocketing, businesses need mobility solutions that can empower workers to accomplish more in less time. Most importantly, they need solutions that can anticipate and adapt to changing conditions, enabling them to step confidently into the unknown. With the TC53 and TC58 mobile computers, Zebra is leading the technology evolution and building a bridge to the future.

Applications Across Industries

The TC53 and TC58 devices represent a new generation of mobile data capture. An adaptable and ruggedized design combines enhanced connectivity, supercharged speeds up to 90% faster than previous devices, a six-inch edge to edge touchscreen, and a powerful scan engine for reliable long term performance across a variety of use cases.


With the integration of certified parcel dimensioning, indoor positioning, augmented reality, sensor-driven applications, mobile payment and point of sale (POS), this new generation of devices is purpose-built for retail, field service, and logistics industries. Advanced wireless technology keeps workers productive wherever they are located.

What sets the TC53/TC58 apart?

  • New significantly faster Qualcomm processor.
  • Bigger, brighter 6 inch FHD+ display.
  • 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, CBRS* faster, future-proof connectivity.
  • Enhanced durability, rugged, ergonomic design.
  • Innovative expandable solutions from hybrid POS to mobile dimensioning.
  • Industry best data capture, including advanced range scanning.
  • Unmatched battery technology, including hot swap.
  • Powerful Zebra-only Mobility DNA tools.

Cutting Edge Applications Unlock More Potential for Enterprise Technology

The right software applications help take Zebra’s new generation of devices to the next level. Thanks to our alliances with leading software developers, an ecosystem of impressive mobile applications for the TC53 and TC58 devices has already emerged. With a wide range of capabilities, Zebra’s early adopters can help enterprises leverage technology to drive transformation across their businesses.


Help Lightning provides remote visual assistance software to hundreds of companies across various industries in over 90 countries. The company’s AR-enabled remote assistance software provides real-time video collaboration, enabling experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help anywhere in the world. The Help Lightning app takes advantage of the latest capabilities of the TC53/TC58, including the HD camera as well as the ability to annotate in 3D. overview.


PIINK was created in 2017 to break codes and give way to digital creativity. The company develops innovative and intuitive mobile solutions based on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and computer vision technologies. Their 3D application is ideally suited for the TC53/TC58 mobile computers and makes it fast and easy for users to capture dimensions for parcels or pallets


GPC is an award-winning software company specializing in 3D, computer vision, machine learning, and AI. The company works in healthcare, logistics, government, freight, construction, and law enforcement. GPC’s Freight Measure app enables users to obtain accurate dimensional measurements using the camera on the TC53/TC58 and sending real time data to relevant applications and back-end systems

Preparing Today for the Consumer of Tomorrow

Market disruption has accelerated the development of the on-demand economy, and consumers’ expectations are evolving faster than ever. According to Zebra’s 2022 Shopper Vision Study, 73% of customers surveyed said they expect retailers to use the latest technology in stores.1 Investment in mobile technology solutions gives retail associates and store managers the power to drive higher customer satisfaction on the floor and enable more effective operations behind the scenes.


Assisted Selling

With mobile computers in hand, sales associates can assist shoppers, contact the backroom to request an item, or get help from another associate without leaving the customer’s side. If an item is not in stock, associates can complete online ship-to-home orders on the spot.

Mobile Checkout & Line Busting

The TC53/TC58 is mobile payment ready, making it easy for associates to bust lines and process transactions anywhere within range. Associates can also drop the devices into a cradle that connects to a complete workstation, including a display, scanner, receipt printer, keyboard, and payment terminal.

Connected Stores

Mobile devices can connect the back and front of the store for enhanced inventory visibility that makes sure no shelves ever go un replenished. The device’s built-in scanning technology enables associate to fulfill omnichannel orders quickly and accurately from the backroom or store shelves.

Merchandising & Pricing

Store managers can leverage mobile applications for merchandising and planogram compliance without using pen and paper or going back and forth from a desktop in an office. The TC53/TC58 also helps store staff keep on top of real-time price changes, enabling them to send new labels via a wireless connection to a printer. Task Assignment & Completion Using connected workforce applications, supervisors can push messages and tasks to any worker equipped with a Zebra TC53/TC58 mobile device — without having to physically track anyone down. When workers receive an urgent task request, they can quickly confirm receipt and job completion.


  • Assisted Selling
  • Line Busting, Mobile POS
  • Merchandising
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Price/Inventory Checks
  • Shelf Replenishment
  • Workforce/Task Management

Unleashing Limitless Possibilities for Mobility in the Field

Zebra’s new generation of mobile data capture is ideally suited to the needs of field service operations. The TC53 and TC58 mobile computers feature a sleek design combined with ruggedized capabilities, with screens that are easy to read even in bright sunlight and bodies that can resist drops and spills. These handheld mobile computers connect field crews to all the resources they need to keep workflows moving in a wide range of environments, with the added benefit of cutting-edge mobile applications to add even greater flexibility and functionality.


Invoicing On the Go

Using their mobile devices, crew members easily capture, document and file reports even before leaving a job site. Even out in the field, technicians can use their devices to generate invoices and process payments right there on the spot. And, with blinding 5G speeds and hyperconnectivity everything is faster.
Scheduling & Task Management Using the TC53/TC58 and new field management mobile apps, crew managers can make work assignments, access project documents and drawings, capture as-built information, and more, all from a single mobile device. Supervisors can also push new work orders to technicians, helping them get more done while making fewer trips back to the office.

Unmatched Battery Power

With a new generation of battery technology, Zebra’s devices offer the power to operate throughout a full shift, with the intelligence to better manage batteries and individual device status. What’s more, when a device gets misplaced, even if the battery is dead, the Bluetooth beacons keep it connected to Zebra’s Device Tracker so users can quickly locate the missing device.

Asset Management & Preventative Maintenance

Track and trace mobile applications provide in-depth data about each asset  including last seen location, description, usage details and maintenance schedule. With TC53/TC58 scanning capabilities, field crews can easily access or update data with the touch of a button.

Improving Operations from Pick Up to Delivery

As e-commerce grows and supply chains become increasingly complicated, the volume of parcel traffic also increases. This growth puts even more pressure on transportation and logistics providers to operate more accurately and effectively, as inaccuracy of parcel dimensions or pricing can result in loss of revenue, costly disputes that can erode customer satisfaction, and reduced productivity in warehouses and trucks. New hardware and software innovations are redefining mobile computing performance  and the world of possibilities for transportation and logistics providers. With integrated scanning and unmatched speed and connectivity within a single device, Zebra’s TC53 and TC58 devices help workers spend less time manually measuring boxes and more time delivering efficiency.


Parcel Dimensioning

Zebra Dimensioning  Certified Mobile Parcel is an industry-first solution that utilizes an integrated Time of Flight sensor to collect accurate ‘legal for trade’ parcel dimensions and shipping charges with the simple press of a button. This tool can help streamline warehouse and fleet operations from improved load planning to warehouse space allocation.

Proof of Pick-Up and Delivery

The initial pick-up and ultimate delivery to its destination are the two most critical points in a parcel’s journey, with proof required at either end. The new generation of mobile data capture devices and applications provides increased visibility at every step of the way. Couriers can scan labels, measure packages, and process payments quicker than ever, all within a single device.

Constant Connection

Enhanced mobile technology allows for constant contact between warehouses and individual drivers, powering workforce communications and locationing services that enable enterprises to plan routes based on efficiency. Zebra’s state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade processing capabilities help multiply the number of tasks each driver or frontline worker can accomplish in a day.

Comprehensive Accessories for Every Job

The TC53 and TC58 accessory family offers it all, including charging cradles, accessories for in-vehicle use while couriers are out on the road, a trigger handle for intensive scanning tasks, and an RFID adapter.


  • Proof of Delivery
  • Asset Management
  • Parcel Dimensioning
  •  Invoicing/Mobile POS
  • Location Services

Purpose Driven Innovation for Data Fueled Workflows

Your workforce only performs as well as the technology that supports them. At Zebra, we’re at the leading edge of enterprise technology innovation, driving efficiency and enabling smarter workflows. Together with our ISV partners, we offer a robust ecosystem of devices and applications designed to transform operational data into a competitive advantage that connects teams and optimizes workflows. With a multitude of use cases across verticals, Zebra’s TC53/TC58 devices can be configured to the unique needs of your business. To learn more about Zebra’s TC53/TC58 mobile computers or ISV partners, visit tc58. If you are an independent software developer interested in learning more about Zebra’s Partner Connect program, visit independent software vendors html.

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